As Soon As Their Adopted Daughter Could Speak English, She Confessed The Horrible Truth : AWM

As Soon As Their Adopted Daughter Could Speak English, She Confessed The Horrible Truth

Some sources claim that as many as one million couples are looking to adopt children at any given time. And in the United States, that means there could be as many as 36 eager couples looking to adopt for every child put up for adoption. With so many couples apparently looking to expand their family, why is adoption such a struggle for couples? Why do couples have to look for children in other countries?

Adoption is not an easy process. And adoption agencies go through a lot of screening to make sure the eager couples are good people who are capable of raising a child. Instead, some parents decided to adopt children from third-world countries where fewer people are eager to adopt. Celebrities like Angeline Jolie do it all the time. And Jessica and Adam Davis thought they would do it, too.

They adopted a 5-year-old girl from Uganda through an agency back in 2015. It was a trying period. But the Ohio couple really wanted a bigger family. With four children of their own, they wanted to open their hearts to an orphan. They trusted the European Adoption Consultants (EAC) to place them with the perfect child. And before long, they met Namata. The EAC told Jessica and Adam about how Namata’s father had died and that her mother was neglectful. They could tell the small child had been abused and received no education. They wanted her and offered to adopt.

After moving from Uganda to Ohio, Namata faced the reality of culture shock. But she started to learn English. After six months of diligently studying the language, Namata was ready to reveal her shocking secret to Jessica.

She told Jessica that she already a family. She was happy with her family in Uganda and didn’t want to be with the Davises. She told Jessica about how she missed her mother and how she would walk her to school.

In other words, EAC had lied about everything to Jessica and Adam. They felt like kidnappers.

The Ohio couple was horrified. They could not believe they had stolen a happy child away from her family. In a CNN interview, Adam said:

“The only trauma this child ever experienced was because we essentially placed an order for a child. She was home and happy with her mother until they selected her for us.”

Adam and Jessica were not the only people who were fooled. Namata’s mother had also been tricked. The EAC told her that the American couple was sponsoring Namata for a year or two. She thought her daughter was going there for an education and would return home. She did not think her daughter was joining a new family.

The EAC is stealing Ugandan children away from their families. Their mothers think they are only losing their children for a short time. But the American families are told they’re adopting an orphan in need.

The law was on Jessica and Adam’s side. But Jessica refused to keep a girl who already had a happy family. They reversed the adoption paperwork and helped Namata go back home to her mom.

Because Jessica and Adam did the right thing, the State Department was able to shut down the immoral activity by closing the EAC for good.