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Baby, Covered In Blood, Was Found On The Side Of The Road In The Freezing Cold

A lot of strange things happen in the biggest cities of the world, and a place as large as Mexico City certainly knows its share of the bizarre. There are an estimated 8.85 million people living in the capital of Mexico. That means there are a lot of people capable of doing bad things or simply making mistakes – and what happened just the other day along the side of one of the city’s roads in Cuauhtémoc has police officers, locals, and everyone on the internet who reads the story utterly and truly baffled.

A tiny newborn baby was found abandoned along the side of the road in this Mexico City offshoot. The little child was still covered in the fluids of childbirth and was found helplessly suffering from hypothermia. The mother of the child had abandoned the baby along the side of the road, obviously clueless about what to do with the baby and probably suffering from postnatal depression.

Video of the alarming incident was captured by local police officers who were policing the colony of Morelos, which is located in the municipality of Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City. The video shows the tender-hearted police officers gently lifting the crying newborn baby from the pavement and cradling the sick infant in his arms. The baby is apparently covered in blood from childbirth. An onlooker simply says, “poor little tot” as the realization that the baby got abandoned by its distraught new mother cascades over their awareness.

A woman, apparently a witness, can be heard saying, “They dropped the baby there and left.” While she speaks these alarming words, the police officer wraps the newborn in a blanket and try to keep the baby warm.

Paramedics arrived at the scene and determined that the newborn was suffering from hypothermia. This was extremely dangerous for the baby because it already had such a low chance of survival given where it was found abandoned in Mexico City.

Thankfully, the police officers came to the newborn’s rescue and were able to get it the care it needed. It was rushed to the local Children’s Hospital of Peralvillo where it is currently undergoing treatment but is expected to survive. Because police have classified this case as child abandonment, they are scouring all the available CCTV footage in the area to see if they can track down the mother who abandoned the baby on the side of the road.

Because the baby apparently has no one left in the world, it will be handed over to Child’s Transitory Center once the hospital has decided that it is in good enough health to handle the transition into state care. Although police are investigating the matter, they have yet to make any arrests.

People from around the world are sending their warm wishes to the baby and praying that it gets the care it needs to live a healthy and happy life.

What do you think about this sad story? Do you think the police will be able to track down the mother who abandoned the newborn?

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