Baby Husky Thinks He Can Talk Like A Human, Owner Can’t Stop Her Laughter (video) : AWM

Baby Husky Thinks He Can Talk Like A Human, Owner Can’t Stop Her Laughter (video)

Huskies, though they may be working dogs traditionally, also make great pets. As big and furry as they are, they are also cuddly and expressive in ways many other dogs are not. If you know a husky owner, you’ll know that they inspire a certain amount of dedication and that these people will stand up for the breed, no matter what. Beyond their interesting character traits, huskies are also just one of the beautiful dogs out there.

But, in the video below, what stands out is how expressive these Huskies are about everyday things.

It is easy to forget that these are dogs and not just other, different-shaped humans! Look no further for a collection of the best husky videos on the internet today.

This baby husky is shocking its mom by thinking it can speak human language. The other dog in the video is mighty confused that this little pup isn’t speaking dog-language by barking and howling but is, instead, attempting to mimic the sounds of its human owners. The noises the puppy makes are just too cute.

In this video, two larger huskies seem to have made quite a mess on the floor! But, when their owner asks who did it, the dogs have no qualms about protesting their innocence and blaming the other husky for the problem. The way they argue and bicker about it sounds just like two siblings!

Bath time is not a fun time for dogs of any kind, but this husky seems to harbor a special resentment for such an activity. Cornered in the bathroom by its owner who is video-taping the entire interaction, the husky tries desperately to get out of its bath by hiding where there are no hiding places! The poor dog is just so against getting clean!

It can be hard for husky-owners to leave their dogs behind when they go away on trips – but it can be just as hard for the dog to be left behind. This pup seems to know its going to be put in the kennel while its owners go an adventure and it just can’t stand the thought of missing out so it curls up on the floor in a kind of protest against such an event!

Toys for dogs can cause a lot of fun to be had but toys not meant for dogs arguably lead to even more fun. In this video, a toy furby that talks confuses this dog no end! The poor husky seems to wonder what kind of animal is this, and attempts to converse with it in the way humans may with an alien.

This poor husky was adopted at a shelter and, because of issues in its past, was once terrified of strangers. Now, the dog can be seen absolutely relishing the head massage it is getting from one of the strangers it used to be scared of! The way this husky has healed and gained trust back is heartbreaking!

Huskies are beautiful animals but, even more, are full of personality and charm. They are very much capable of being a human’s best friend.