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Bank Kicks An Elderly Man To The Curb, Cop Escorts Him Back In And Takes Action

When bank employees grew frustrated with an elderly man, they threw all their customer service skills out the window and decided to treat the man like trash. Instead of addressing his concerns, they decided to kick him out of the bank, where he was a loyal customer. And to add salt to his wounded pride, they called the police to come and arrest this elderly man or to detain him at least as he was becoming agitated.

But when the Montebello Police Officer showed up to the scene, he saw it from a completely different angle than the heartless bank employees. He saw an elderly man in need. So the officer did what he had vowed to do, he served the old man and helped him complete the vital bank transaction he had come into the branch to solve.

The Bank of America location, which is located in Montebello about 10 miles outside of Los Angeles, called the police to report that the elderly customer had become unruly. Instead of using compassion and the customer service skills they should have been taught, they opted to humiliate the senior citizen and kick him to the curb.

Officer Robert Josett arrived and saw the bank employees mistreating the 92-year-old customer. Instead of joining the fray, Officer Josett did something extraordinary – he listened to the old man.

The elderly gentleman just wanted to withdraw some of his money that he had put into his Bank of America bank account. The tellers were unwilling to serve him, although he had been a loyal customer of the heartless bank for years.

Because the elderly gent’s ID had expired, the bank employees, who knew him personally, refused to serve him. He was upset because he needed his hard-earned money. Officer Josett saw the situation for what it was. A failed customer service moment that left a senior man humiliated.

Instead of adding insult to injury, the cop decided to do the right thing. He took the gentleman to the DMV to get his new ID card. And then he hurried back to the bank branch to get inside before the doors close.

This time, the 92-year-old man entered the bank with the police escort. Officer Josett wanted to make sure the tellers treated the senior citizen with respect, so he did not leave his side until he ensured the man got his money.

Someone snapped a picture of Officer Josett leading the gentleman into the bank by the hand. And when the Montebello Police Department posted the photo to their Facebook page, it caused quite the positive stir. Tens of thousands of people shared the image with their friends and family. And hundreds commented to express their support for the cop who listened.

“This officer is a Saint! All this Little Grampa wants is to keep his independence. And the officer helped him in a dignified manner. Good job Officer!”

While it is easy to shut our ears to other people, when we listen, we have the power to change their lives for the better.