Barron Trump Causes A Stir When Journalist Posts Photo Of Him He Had No Clue Was Being Taken : AWM

Barron Trump Causes A Stir When Journalist Posts Photo Of Him He Had No Clue Was Being Taken

When Barron Trump got caught paying his respect to a Marine after the first family returned to the White House after a stay at Camp David, the internet could not stop talking about it. The president’s youngest son was seen looking back toward a Marine standing by the aircraft and using his cellphone to capture an image of the American hero.

Although Barron was doing what any child his age would do, use his cellphone to capture a picture of the Marine, his small act became a viral sensation as people saw how much the president’s son respected and loved the American military. Barron was impressed with the Marine’s grace, and stoicism as he stood at attention as the president and the first family alighted from the aircraft.

As White House photographer captured the image of the president, the first lady and their son walking on the grass away from the Marine. Barron has his back turned toward the camera and had got his phone out taking the image of Marine.

When this photo started circulating around the internet, people shared their applause at the patriotic moment.

People wrote about how they loved the first family.

Another person wrote, “That’s Sweet! So Proud! Our Boy in The White House! Love & Bless You All.”

And some Americans were not afraid to point out the difference between how the Trumps and the Obamas treated the military personnel they came across on a daily basis.

“Nice to see respect. Previous occupants disrespected God, our flag, military, Constitution, citizens. The list goes on ad nauseum.”

Although the image was wholesome and patriotic, many Twitter users were worried that one of Trump’s fake news winners would get ahold of the picture and spin it into something negative.

Some simply understood that Barron was being a young boy – and which young boy would not get excited to see a Marine in uniform.

“I don’t blame him. It must be really exciting for an eleven-year-old but wait til the Leftist Fake news bunch get done with it.”

Barron Trump has been under scrutiny ever since he moved into the White House. And when the liberal media saw the boy playing with a fidget spinner, they threw a fit themselves. Although every child his age had a fidget spinner at some point during the last year, for some reason, it was “bad” for Barron to have one.

Readers of the Conservative Tribune shared their comments via Facebook:

“A refreshing first family occupying the White House; better than the family that was there for eight years. Telling it like it is. Enough said.”

Another reader wrote, “What a joy to see a “kid” acting like a KID! Barron is aware of his surroundings and is awed about everything he sees and experiences! The Trumps must be proud to have such a fine, well-mannered child!”

“I love our first family. Barron is a wonderful, handsome young man. He respects our country and the ones who are tasked with protecting it.”

What do you think about Barron’s respect for the military?