It’s amazing how dramatic the result is when someone with very long hair gets an extremely short haircut. For many women, they grow their hair long and feel a sense of comfort in their long locks, never cutting it. Some women get a slight trim or might go for a mid-length style, while others decide that going even shorter might be a nice change of pace.

In this video, a model gets her long red hair trimmed into a pixie cut and she’s almost unrecognizable afterward.

The model, Sheba Salvic, is featured in the video titled “beautiful redhead gets a pixie cut.” She’s initially seen entering a studio, where she sits down and poses for the camera for a number of shots before being whisked off and given wardrobe options and then sits down for a drastic hair cut.

Sheba sat in the hairstylist’s chair and the stylist started clipping her hair into sections in anticipation of her huge makeover. Sheba’s reaction when the clippers came out and the stylist started shaving her hair off is adorable — as the camera panned to the floor to show a pile of the model’s beautiful locks at her feet.

Bit by bit, the hair is shaved off and falls to the floor, while a top knot of long hair sits atop Sheba’s head. The model smiles through it all, though you might imagine she has to be a bit shocked to see all of that hair go.

Once her hair is shaved, the top hair is released, then spritzed with water as the stylist prepares to cut it. She cuts a long portion and shows it to Sheba, before getting to work shaping up the rest of the style.

At this point, it’s unclear how the model’s final hairstyle will look, but the anticipation builds towards the final cut. The scissors trim and trim until Sheba is left with a beautiful style that flops over the buzz cut.

The stylist blow-dries the style and gives some finishing touches and the finished look is spectacular. Sheba moves on to makeup and returns to the photographer – looking like a very different person from when she first sat to have her photo taken.

Among the many comments left on the video were those who were totally won over by the model’s makeover, with one person noting: “Sheba Salvic, that face of yours is absolutely beautiful.  When she started shaving your hair off I was like, wow look at how beautiful she is.”

Another commenter agreed, noting: “I knew she would look great because she has a very pretty face but WOW!!!!! You look fantastic with short hair. It brings out your features.”

Another fan of the style shared: “So much more edgy. Just love it. Long hair is boring and it now shows off her beautiful face. Well done.”

Still another commenter wondered, “I would like to know how you felt later on about the cut and what your hair is like now.”

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