Before Winning A $1.2M Lottery, She Did This For Good Luck. Now She Regrets It And Wants To Sue : AWM

Before Winning A $1.2M Lottery, She Did This For Good Luck. Now She Regrets It And Wants To Sue

For years, Barbara Reddick, an elderly woman living in Canada, has bought lottery tickets. She has hoped and prayed that winning the lottery would take her out of ordinary life and give her something to live for. But after buying the most recent ticket, she did one thing for good luck that ended up costing her $600,000, and now she wants to sue.

When Barbara from Nova Scotia, Canada bought her most recent lottery ticket, she was delighted to learn that it was a winner. The prize was $1.2 million. But as luck would have it, she asked her nephew, Tyrone MacInnis, to sign the ticket as good luck. This proved to be a costly mistake because now they have to share the winnings down the middle. That means they get $600,000 each.

But Barbara refuses to share the prize with her nephew who she claims “doesn’t deserve” his share of the lottery winnings. She only put his name on the ticket for good luck.

Although she claimed that she would share the prize if she won, she never told him he’d take half the jackpot. But that’s exactly what happened because both their names were on the ticket.

On Wednesday, the pair were photographed holding the giant check for the runner-up prize. In the picture of them holding the jackpot for the Margaree Chase the Ace prize, Tyrone has a huge smile on his face while Barbara is visibly downtrodden. Although she just won $600,000, she wants more of the prize winnings.

After the ceremonial, big-check, the lottery officials then gave each family member a small check with their share of the winnings. When Barbara Reddick saw that each got $600,000, she blew a gasket and exploded.

Later during an interview with Canadian reporters, she pointed her finger at her nephew and said, “See you in court! Chase, the Ace winners, are going to court, it was my ticket.”

CBC then asked Barbara to explain what happened. She looks at the camera and shouts, “I bought the ticket, and now he’s trying to lie and say we said split. I said split with the 50/50 [runner-up prize], not no Chase the Ace. I’m taking him to court, I’m getting my lawyer tomorrow.”

When the reporters asked if she and her nephew had an agreement about how to split the money, she admitted, “No we did not.”

Then she accused another relative of trying to steal her winnings to buy a truck.

“I put his name on the ticket for good luck because he’s like a son to me. He was like a son. He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars.”

The news agency also asked her if she believed her nephew deserved the six hundred thousand dollar prize. “No. I don’t think so.”

However, CTV obtained an image of the winning ticket, and it clearly shows both names written on the bottom of it.

Also, MacInnis allegedly bought the ticket himself on Monday ahead of Wednesday’s drawing.

Organizers are “disappointed” that their prize has split a family in two.