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Hollywood Celebrity’s Home Is About To Fall Off A Cliff And Now He’s Begging For Help

Hollywood celebrities are known for having lavish houses. And actor Anthony Hopkins loves his Malibu mansion. However, he might be having second thoughts following a recent bout of torrential rain. Because the water eroded the cliff near the mansion, it started to fall down into the water, leaving his home just feet from the edge, which means he has to begin work on it immediately or risk losing his $5 million home.

Not only did Hopkins come dangerously close to losing his home in the wildfires that destroyed much of California last year, but his home has also gone through some trouble following California’s wettest season in the last four decades. Because of all the water falling from the sky, the land has turned to mud, making it very dangerous and treacherous.

As wintry storms ravage the state of California, mudslides run rampant as do widespread floods and other destructive incidents. Hopkins, along with others, risk having their homes fall off the faces of cliffs as the water erodes the precipices.

Although the home of the actor, who hails from Wales in the United Kingdom, was spared during the massive Woolsey fire, the rains have not been so nice to it. The fire scorched Hopkins’s neighbor’s home but left his miraculously untouched. But now fate seems to have finished the job as it eroded much of the cliff on his property.

The fire killed three people and burned thousands of homes, eating away at some 98,000 acres in November. It was responsible for leaving Hopkins’s property vulnerable to the downpour that is drowning the state right now.

California is having more rain this year than it has in forty years. The land is turning to mud.

Because his house nearly fell down the cliff, construction crews have arrived to help him, covering the home in a blue tarpaulin, as well as erecting scaffolding and netting over parts of the home, which means it could have been destroyed partly in the fire.

Because the Malibu cliff is falling away, Hopkins’s home is dangerously close. If more land falls, the actor’s home could follow.

The Los Angeles area has been devastated with mudslides as the rain softened the earth and made it very supple. And as the fierce storms rolled in, the land has been completely transformed by fire, water, and wind.

In February, which is one of the months in California’s rainy season, more than 18 trillion gallons of water fell onto the state. Despite the downpour, experts complain that the state failed to use the opportunity to collect the runoff and turn it into drinking water. However, the state did collect and recycle 20 percent of the rainwater.

The Pacific Institute’s Peter Gleick told Fox News, “We will never capture it all, but we need to do a better job of capturing what we can. The challenge is: How do we capture more of that water to use it so we can use it during dry parts of the year? And cities in California have not historically done a good job of capturing what we call stormwater.”

Hopefully, Hopkins can save his Malibu mansion.

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