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Bette Midler Will Not Stop Attacking Donald Trump On Twitter

Bette Midler has never pretended to be a fan of President Donald Trump. But in a recent outburst on Twitter concerning Trump’s ill-attended military Independence Day parade, her remarks went over the line. As the feud between the singer and actor and the President grew to outlandish proportions, people watched in awe as they proceeded to battle it out in front of the world on Twitter.

During Trump’s July Fourth parade, Bette Midler continued to ravage Trump with harsh remarks and venomous criticisms that struck deep against the President and his base of voters. While the President endured downpouring rains and poor attendance at his expensive parade, Bette Midler wound up and delivered punch after punch via her Twitter feed on the national holiday.

On Twitter, Midler wrote: “The dumbest ever. I mean, since f***ing Jamestown. The ‘Rockets’ Red GLARE’ not FLARE… was the war of 1812, not the 4th of July, and there were no airports OR airplanes.  Who in God’s name is writing this crap for this washed-up psycho??”

Bette Midler was speaking to how Trump mistakenly believed that there were airports in colonial America back in the late 1700s. Trump’s remarked detailed how he believed that the colonist army “took over the airports” from the British back during the Revolutionary War. Little did he know but air travel did not exist, at least for human beings, until the Wright brothers created the first plane in North Carolina in the early 1900s.

Although Bette Midler lost some fans during her Twitter tirade, she could care less. She did not want to limit herself or her comments when it came to what she had to say about President Trump and his outlandish gaffs during the Fourth of July celebration in Washington, D.C.

Midler also followed up with another tweet aimed at the President.

“Dear @realDonaldTrump, It just occurred to me that you & my great, great, great grandpappy were on the same flight in 1812. The family stories of the emergency landing during the red flare are absolutely riveting. Just curious, what time do you start sundowning? xoBette #BeBette”

Trump also made a mistake when he called Alexander Graham Bell, one of the greatest United States inventors. Bell was a Canadian, although he did apply for a U.S. patent for the telephone.

“Ahem, @realDonaldTrump Alexander Graham Bell was Canadian, he died here in 1922, and his Great Grandson takes care of the house to this day. The telephone is a Canadian invention,” one Canadian tweeted.

What irked Midler the most about how Trump spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money on a poorly attended Independence Day military parade was that he used it as a campaign stop.

“So that #FatF**k has hijacked our most important national holiday, Independence Day, to promote his own re-election. Like Rick, Wilson says, ‘Everything Trump touches Dies.’ Wonder what he’ll do with Thanksgiving.”

Bette Midler is not afraid to get out there and share her opinions. What do you think of what she had to say about Trump’s July Fourth parade?

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