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Betty White Exposes The One Cast Member She’s Worked With That Never Liked Her

It’s hard to believe that anyone could dislike actress Betty White — she’s a national treasure, after all! The most surprising part is that it was one of her Golden Girls’ co-stars, remarkable considering the actresses all had such amazing and hilarious chemistry together. Betty, of course, played the clueless Rose Nylund on the beloved series and though she is a talented professional, one of her fellow castmates wasn’t quite a fan.

Who was the actress who wasn’t loving Betty? She co-starred on The Golden Girls with Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty. In an interview with Joy Behar, Betty dished that it was Bea Arthur wasn’t fond of her!

The reason, Betty said, was unclear. When Joy asked: “Did you get along with everyone on the Golden Girls?,” Betty responded, “Oh yes,” adding, “Bea was not that fond of me. I don’t know what I ever did. I don’t know. But, she was not that thrilled with me. But, I loved Bea and I admired her.”

While Betty has fond memories about working on the series, she also noted how surprising it is to her that she is the only one of the show’s stars who is still alive. Betty was actually older than the other women on the show and Estelle Getty, who played Bea Arthur’s character’s mother, was a year younger than Bea!

Betty noted: “I can’t believe I’m the only one left. Because I was the oldest – it’s so silly!”

She also explained how Estelle would undergo hours of makeup to age her face with wrinkles and be fitted with wigs to achieve her senior look. Betty dished on a little behind-the-scenes secret as well, noting that the first summer hiatus of the show, Estelle had a face lift, creating a new set of challenges for the series’ makeup people.

During the interview, Betty also shared her viewpoint on death, explaining what her mother had always told her: “We know so many things. We know almost everything in the world, but we don’t know what happens at that moment. A lot of people think they do, but they don’t. So, whenever we lose somebody, now he knows the secret.”

Betty has enjoyed a long career, first becoming a household name when she played Sue Ann Nivens on the classic sitcom Mary Tyler Moore. She went on to do other roles and her turn as Rose on The Golden Girls cemented her rightful place as America’s sweetheart.

Now in her 90s, Betty continues to win over her fans and gain new ones as well with her charming demeanor and quick wit.

Among the many comments left on the YouTube video of the interview were those who were impressed with Betty’s class, with one person remarking: “Show bussiness back then: co-stars didn’t like each other personally, but respected each other and kept it professional… It used to be about talent, now it is about gossip.”

Another commenter added: “Betty was so careful not to bad mouth anyone and good for her for that.”

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