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Big Brother Asks To Hold The New Baby, But His Next Move Had Me Crying All Day

When parents welcome a new baby into the home, they often worry about whether the older sibling will take the change like a pro. Would the big brother slip seamlessly into his role as a protector of the newborn baby girl? Or would he be a jealous brat who wished she was never born? Parents don’t really know how their first kid will react to the massive change of a growing family, but they can pray for the best.

But the video included at the bottom of this story proves that these parents did not have to worry. This little boy could not be happier to have a little baby sister. He slipped into his new role as smoothly as butter. And at the moment his parents placed the little girl in his lap, he was in love. He wanted to know everything about her and to show his parents just how good of a big brother he was going to be.

Although the little boy was doing a great job with the baby, it wasn’t until he opened his mouth and started to sing did they know he was the best big brother this little baby girl could ever want. They filmed as he started singing “You Are So Beautiful” to the new addition to the family.

His parents were brought to tears just as hundreds of thousands of viewers on the internet were too.

“You Are So Beautiful” was written by Billy Preston and Bruce Fisher. The song was a tribute to Preston’s mother who served as his guiding light and prime inspiration to create music. But when one of Preston’s friends got his hands on the song, the meaning of the heartfelt tune began to evolve. That friend began to use Preston’s song as a way to impress young ladies at his concerts. As you can imagine, Preston was outraged that this other guy was using the song he wrote about his mother to woo the teeny boppers as his shows.

Eventually, Joe Cocker released a slower version of Preston and Fisher’s song. That’s the version most of us are familiar with. Because mom and dad played the song often in their house, the big brother knew all the words and the melody like it was written in his mind.

Mom and Dad watched as the big brother sang the heartfelt words to his baby sister. And they were swooning over how much he loves her.

Even if the moment had not been caught on camera, his parents would remember it for the rest of their lives. Because it alleviated all their fears about adding a new child to the family and cemented the strength of their family unit, it was beautiful and just oh, so sweet.

Viewers like you have fallen in love with the clip. Here are some comments.

“Wow. You are an awesome parent.”


People absolutely love the moment that happened to be caught on camera. What is your reaction to it? How would you have reacted if this were your son and daughter?