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We Finally Saw What Billy Graham’s Tombstone Looks Like And Reactions Are Mixed

Recently, the son of the late preacher Billy Graham shared an image of his father’s tombstone. The grieving son, Franklin Graham, wanted his social media followers to know how the family decided to remember the great preacher and pastor to the presidents. The tombstone lists the preacher’s name, dates, and a simple message that celebrates his amazing and blessed life under God.

“Preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

It is concluded with a reference to Scripture John 14:6.

Besides the image of the grave, Franklin shared a heartfelt message as a caption.

“My father Billy Graham was laid to rest on the grounds of the Billy Graham Library yesterday, beside my mother. His grave marker is simple – a field stone etched with these words under a cross.”

And that was it. Like his father before him, Franklin does not seek glory but for God.

The post was shared tens of thousands of times in a matter of days.

The funeral service occurred in North Carolina. Before that, Graham’s remains were on display in the Capitol Building Rotunda, an honor usually reserved for presidents.

Graham now rests in the earth next to his wife, Ruth. He was buried in a “simple” casket that was handcrafted by Louisiana inmates.

Readers of IJR shared their thoughts celebrating the life and influence of the great preacher. The following are a selection.

“It only we could all focus on Christ as much as Billy Graham did, we’d have a more beautiful world to live in.”

“If we could all just do what Jesus did instead of just talking this world would be heaven on earth.”

“Plain and simple as it should be.”

One viewer applauded Graham for choosing John 14:6.

“Great verse. John 14:6 separates Christianity from Islam, Buddhism, and the other religions.”

Graham’s funeral held about 2,000 people including President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and many great evangelical Christian leaders.

Franklin Graham noted the presence of the president and vice president but did not speak about politics during his keynote address.

Instead, Franklin talked about how there is only one path to God despite what the country wants people to believe.

“The world with all its political correctness would like you to believe there are many roads to God,” Franklin Graham said. “It’s just not true.”

Although Franklin took center stage during the funeral, his sister, Ruth Graham, also spoke. And she said how she dreaded visiting her father after she abandoned her second husband.

“You don’t want to embarrass your father,” she said. “You really don’t want to embarrass Billy Graham.”

But when she arrived, her father surprised her. He was waiting with his arms spread wide open in a loving gesture of acceptance.

“He wrapped his arms around me and said ‘Welcome home.’ ”

Franklin Graham was not afraid to speak about his vision for America.

“We need to put God back in government,” he said Thursday. “We need God back into our schools. We need God back into our everyday lives. If we do that, we could see a spiritual healing in our country.”