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Boy Who Died, Gets Resuscitated. Says He Met Jesus And Shares Message He Wants Us To Hear

When Julie and Andy Kemp and their son, Landon, were returning home after a church service in the summer of 1997, they were struck by an ambulance going at top speed. Andy died instantly and their son was in critical condition. Julie explained: “I looked but never saw what he was yelling at. I didn’t spot the ambulance approaching us, but all I can recall is that he was yelling. That was the last thing that I heard from him.”

Once the rescuers were on the scene, they helped stabilize Julie, but they didn’t know that Landon was trapped in the now wrecked car. They located the boy, who was lifeless in the backseat, and airlifted him to Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina.

Landon had to be resuscitated three times that day and doctors said his chances of survival were not good.

Julie continued to pray for Landon to survive this terrible accident. The boy spent two weeks in a coma in the hospital and suddenly opened his eyes. Remarkably, Landon hadn’t suffered any brain damage.

The good news of her son being awake meant that Julie had to tell the boy that his father had passed away. She whispered to him, “Do you know where dad is at?”

Landon knew exactly what had happened, answering, “Yes, I know where he’s at. I saw him in heaven.”

Landon then explained that while he was in a coma he saw others who died and were in heaven, including his dad and his two siblings, who Julie had lost with miscarriages but never told Landon about.

Landon further noted: “I just want people to realize that Jesus is real, there is a heaven, there are angels. And to follow His word and the Bible and life does get better at the end.”

Many people shared comments on the YouTube video about the mother and boy’s story, with one commenter noting: “I have suffered a lot in my life. many of the experiences I’ve gone through seemed so unfair and I haven’t been able to find a purpose in my life. Yet I’ve always believed that Jesus is real since I was a little boy. It’s like my soul has just always known how true it is, therefore, I’ve never needed any proof or could lose faith in him. I have never allowed my unhappiness to cause me to lose faith…even though I still struggle with depression I love Him. And I know that I always will no matter what.”

Another commenter added: “This is so great I love Jesus and God so much and I will NEVER be a nonbeliever and LIFE is so great and God created this world to test us and to soon be with him in heaven. I just want to inform everyone that you need to believe and good things will come.”

One person noted that this story speaks volumes, saying: “This is the proof that there IS a heaven, there IS a God. Everyone should follow God’s will, as it will bring you closer to him! We will later come together and pray that God is with us!!”