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Breastfeeding Mom Sues The Restaurant After The Manager Tried To Cover Her Up

Any breastfeeding mom knows that if hunger strikes their little one, they can easily accommodate baby’s needs. While public nursing is becoming more accepted, there are instances where breastfeeding moms have come under fire for feeding their baby in a public setting. In this case, one mom was dining out at a Kentucky restaurant when she was told to cover up with a napkin.

Though all U.S. states now allow public breastfeeding, Sadie Durbin was shocked that a Texas Roadhouse manager requested that she cover up. In Kentucky, breastfeeding is legal, with or without cover.

Sadie explained that she was dining with her husband when their 7-week-old baby started getting fussy. She shared: “She got hungry, so she needed to nurse. I latched her on like I always do, and she was nursing for maybe five minutes when I saw the manager coming around the corner, walking fast and shaking his head at me with a napkin in his hands.”

The manager explained that the restaurant had received complaints from customers about Sadie breastfeeding without a cover.

According to Sadie, the manager attempted to cover the baby’s face with the napkin, which Sadie refused. The manager then dropped the napkin on the table and left.

She told “He said, ‘Ma’am, ma’am. We’re getting a lot of complaints; we’re going to need you to cover up.’ I said, ‘No, I’m feeding my baby, and I’m well within my rights to feed my baby. I’m not going to cover up.’ He said, ‘Yeah, yeah I know, I’ve got six kids, but we’re just really going to need you to cover up.’ At that point I was just shocked, so I said, ‘I’m not going to cover up. I’m feeding my baby.’ So he tossed the napkin down on the table and kind of huffed off.”

Sadie explained that she was being discreet, noting, “There were two giant peanut buckets in front of me, she was wrapped up in a blanket and I had her in a cross-cradle position, as discreet as I can be. I find it really difficult, pretty much impossible, to cover. I have to hold my breast, I have to hold the [nipple] shield, and I have to hold her head perfectly in order to nurse her. She unlatches as soon as I try to put a cover over her.”

The manager returned a second time to tell Sadie to cover up.

That’s when Sadie and her husband decided to leave the restaurant and she later took to Facebook to share her unpleasant experience. While she got a lot of support, there were plenty of negative comments as well, as Sadie explained: “There’s just been a lot of hate, and I think it kind of overshadows the support, but I have gotten a lot of support.”

Further, Sadie will be suing Texas Roadhouse, explaining: “There’s a law, but there’s no penalty attached to the law.”

Texas Roadhouse did contact her by email, but Sadie found the note lacking the apology she believes she deserves.