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Bride Decides To Hold Aunt’s Funeral During Her Wedding To Save On Costs

In a revelation that has many people shocked, a bride came forward to discuss how she plans to combine her wedding with her aunt’s funeral to save on church expenses. Not only would the family only have to pay once for the joint event, every family member would already be in town, so it also saves guests a lot of travel time and expenses.

Although the decision might be very economical and make sense to the bride’s purse, people slammed her when she revealed her well-thought-out plans online. They were stunned that she would be willing to do this, given how much most people refuse to compromise on anything when it comes to their weddings.

The woman who thought up the idea to combine her wedding with her aunt’s funeral lives in Santa Maria, California. She shared the update of her wedding plans on Facebook and cited the “skyrocketing’ expenses for the funeral and has decided to book both events at the same time to save some money.

When the post was picked up on That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, a Facebook group of bitchy brides who want to criticize wedding ceremonies of other women, it went viral.

When people started sharing their reactions to the bizarre wedding-funeral event, they could not hold back their curiosity.

“So, it’s a joint wedding and funeral to save on church costs? So bizarre.”

This was what the bride from Santa Maria wrote when she revealed her plans to combine her wedding with her aunt’s funeral.

“Dear friends and family of the wedding, some of you may have gotten the news already, but Aunt Karen has sadly passed away from natural causes. We are all deeply saddened about her loss, and we promise that we will not cancel the wedding next week. In her honor, we know that she would want us to celebrate and have a day filled with love and joy.”

That’s when she reveals her master plan to combine the “joy” of the funeral with that of her wedding.

“I would also like to add that funeral costs are skyrocketing and we will have an open casket session during some of the wedding processions. Feel free to stop by during the wedding to say goodbyes. She will be on display for those who wish to gain some closure. Remember, even though losing ones we love can be heartbreaking. There is also a joy in celebrating love and partnership in marriage.”

While the move to combine the wedding and funeral may be bizarre, the bride wrote it in a way that made it sound sweet.

One of the guests at the wedding shared the following comment:

“RIP Aunt Karen. That woman loved weddings, good thing she will get to partake in one last one.”

While it may be weird to combine the two events, for this family, it was a celebration of both new love and loyal family.

Although the bride’s guests understood the decision, those on the bridal Facebook group did not hide their criticism.

“Good Lord! I don’t even know what to say to this. Is she using her dead aunt to collect money? Because that’s how it appears!”

What’s your reaction to this joint wedding-funeral event at the church?

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