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Bride Stuns Her Guests When She Shows What’s Hiding Behind Her Back Before Walking Down The Aisle

In recent years, brides and grooms have tried to create remarkable videos and memorable moments during their weddings. Brides have gone through great lengths to organize choreographed dance routines that involve all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They’ve recorded videos of themselves walking down the aisle only to have a bird come flying from behind them carrying the ring to be wed.

But this video blows all the other wedding videos out of the water. Filmed in an ornate and beautiful church, Maria Holand from Norway knew that she had to do something spectacular to pay her respects to the historical venue. Because she wanted to show everyone in attendance – and all of you watching at home – just how much she loved her soon-to-be husband, Ronny Eidsvik. And she had a very good idea about just how to do that.

When Ronny was waiting at the altar, she prepared for her grand entrance into the church. With every wedding guest sitting in anticipation, Maria held a surprise behind her back as she took her father’s arm and prepared to walk down the aisle.

Watch as the heavy wooden doors swing open to welcome the bride and her father. And as her father escorts her down the aisle to give her away to Ronny, a beautiful song starts playing. That’s what Maria was waiting for.

She pulled what she had hiding behind her back out so she could shock the guests. As she strolls down the aisle, Maria reveals that she is holding a microphone. She puts it to her mouth and starts to sing.

With her left arm held by her father, she sings “You Raise Me Up” into the microphone. She looks beautiful in her sequined wedding dress and knows it. The song, originally composed by Irish-Norwegian duo Secret Garden, sounds beautiful and elevating coming from Maria’s mouth.

You probably know “You Raise Me Up” best from the Josh Groban recording. But he is not the only artist who has paid tribute to this beautiful and emotional song. More than 100 artists have recorded it.

While we all love what Maria is doing, what matters is how Ronny reacts. As the camera pans to his face, we can see him melting from the emotional moment.

42 million people have watched this wedding video. Without a doubt, it is a special moment caught on camera.

Viewers like you shared hundreds of comments. Here are some of the most popular ones.

“This church Wedding was so special, personal and touching that any individual that would comment otherwise must be extremely unhappy and lost in their lives. There will always be haters that could put a cloud over even the most joyous occasion. Congrats on an extremely moving and well-orchestrated ceremony.”

“Beautiful singing voice, and a very touching declaration of love and commitment to her new husband. In these dark times, we all need to be reminded of the positive values our European ancestors have bequeathed to us over the centuries. I wish Maria and Ronny much happiness in their new life together.”

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