Bride Thinks It Would Be Funny To Tease Her New Husband. He Reaches Back And Does The Unthinkable : AWM

Bride Thinks It Would Be Funny To Tease Her New Husband. He Reaches Back And Does The Unthinkable

While taking a bite of their wedding cake, a beautiful bride holds a small piece of it out for her husband to nibble on. She puts it to his lips, and then playfully pulls it back. She puts it up to him again, and again, she pulls it back. This time the newlywed husband, lets her know that he did not find the prank amusing as he rears back his palm and slaps the bride across the face in front of all the guests, including the bride’s mother, who is stunned.

Guests at the wedding cannot believe that they witnessed evidence that the husband abuses his wife. The clip, which is believed to have been captured somewhere in Central Asia, shows the man delivering a strike to the woman’s face after she teased him with a bite of their wedding cake.

The groom strikes the bride across the face with so much force that he knocks her down onto the seat behind her. Everyone watching is stunned and cannot believe that he did it in front of everyone – and at their wedding.

A man who stands behind the groom pulls him away from the bride. The groom has a look of rage and anger on his face. Others then tend to the bride who was just a visible victim of abuse from the man she has just married.

The footage starts with the bride getting her taste of the wedding cake. A woman lifts her veil as the groom feeds her a small piece of their cake. Then it is her turn to do the same. She picks up the piece of cake and playfully puts it to his mouth, but he reacts with rage when she pulls it back from him.

People on social media cannot believe that the groom exhibited such violent behavior and frustration at his own wedding.

“That guy needs to be taught a lesson in human rights and the woman needs to file for an annulment, ASAP!” the angry viewer wrote.

Another person added, “I hope she never went through with the wedding.”

Although you’d hope this was the first time a video like this was discovered, it happened a few years ago. A groom also lashed out at his bride when she playfully tried to feed him the wedding cake. These men are unable to hold back their anger at being made the butt of a joke. Although there really is nothing for them to be upset about – they’re the star of the show at their own wedding – they’re humiliated that a woman can put one over on them. Thus they lash out in rage to make themselves feel big and strong.

Viewers on Daily Mail are shocked as well.

“Very worrying. If he slapped her over such a silly thing which is meant to be fun and taken as a joke on their wedding day. Meant to be one of the happiest days of their lives and in front of guests as well, then I hate to think what he is like in private.”

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