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Bride With Only 3 Days To Find A Dress Finds One From The 1920s That Is Setting A New Trend

Most brides uphold the standard tradition of going dress shopping with very close family and friends. Because the bride wants to look her best on her big day, finding the right dress is very important. That’s why most brides go with people they trust so they can get unbiased and trustworthy opinions on how the garments look and if they’re really the one that’ll make their wedding memorable and special.

One bride could not find the wedding dress of her dreams. Her name was Amanda, and although she had been searching for it far and wide, there was just no dress that spoke to her and captured the type of wedding she was trying to have.

Because her wedding was happening in just three days, Amanda recruited her best friend, Rick, and the staff at a vintage clothing store and told them it was do-or-die time to find the dress. The store staff Angelica and Nikki were eager to help Amanda find the dress because they knew it would be challenging to find one that fit Amanda’s specific tastes. With the wedding coming so quickly, Angelica and Nikki were up for the challenge and got to work trying their best to find a dress on the racks at their Way We Wore vintage clothing store on South La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.

The shop has been operated by vintage clothing guru, Doris Raymond, since 2004 and has helped many people find the perfect piece of clothing for them. For thirty years, Doris has relentlessly collected clothing, jewelry, and other accessories and finally put them all in one place and opened a store. She has collected almost every style of clothing one could want including haute couture, evening wear, and even a few wedding dresses.

Because Doris and her shop are an institution in Los Angeles, they were featured on LA Frock Stars, a reality television show on the Smithsonian Channel. People come into their shop, looking for something very specific, and Doris and her staff of passionate fashionistas get to work trying to find the perfect piece of clothing for each individual.

However, Amanda’s story was different. She wasn’t just looking for the perfect dress to a party. She needed a wedding dress that would bring her entire wedding together. It was the missing puzzle piece because everything else was already figured out as the wedding was just days away.

“When Amanda came in, and it was three days before her wedding, we all immediately felt the pressure. Like, okay, right. Let’s find you something that will get you out of here and get you married!” Angelica said.

Because they knew the clock was ticking, Angelica and Nikki jumped into the task of finding a wedding dress for the beautiful bride.

Amanda showed the staff a few styles that she liked. They hurried through their stock and found perfect matches for Amanda. But in the end, the bride picked a beautiful dress from the 1920s.

What do you think about the wedding dress she selected?

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