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Bridesmaids Storm The Floor For Surprise Dance. But Then Bride And Groom Steal The Show

Weddings are steeped in ceremony and tradition. Almost every aspect of the wedding has something to it that has been passed down from previous generations. Whether it is the fact that the bride wears white, the father of the bride’s hands his daughter off to the groom, the newlyweds share dances with their parents, or they cut the wedding cake together. These traditions are part of the wedding, and we do not stop to question them.

While it has become fashionable in recent years to shirk the traditional wedding, most brides and grooms still opt to incorporate certain aspects of traditional weddings into their special day.

The first dance is one such tradition that most newlyweds keep. While it is something everyone does, it still gives the bride and groom a chance to display their unique tastes and skills. Sometimes the new husband and wife practice for months to shock their guests with a choreographed dance. Others get the bridesmaids and groomsmen involved and create a spectacle that often results in a viral video.

In the video below, the bride Rosin shows off her skills in Irish step dance. Along with her beloved bridesmaids, Rosin gets onto the dance floor, and displays were skills in the difficult dance.

With the dancers dressed in flashy green dresses with black tights, they show off their awesome dance skills in front of all the guests and the viewers at home like you.

The guests who were at the wedding were in awe. Their eyes were glued to the women’s feet as they proved to everyone how skilled they really were.

But when the music suddenly changed, things got even more exciting. Rosin’s new husband, James, takes the dance floor and sends everyone’s jaws to the floor.

While everyone at the wedding knew that Rosin was an accomplished dancer, they never knew that James was a master as well. He had so many dance moves up his sleeve that his fancy footwork sent the crowd into hysterics. And his surprise appearance is one of the reasons why the first dance performance went viral on the internet.

The clip of them dancing has gotten more than 3.5 million hits since it was uploaded. Viewers like you have gladly shared their comments on YouTube. The following are some popular thoughts:

“He apparently isn’t a dancer but almost fooled me.  Left me with a big smile on my face.”

“How awesome would it have been if only he had taken the time to learn a simple routine than look gawky shuffling about.”

“So many great things have come out of Ireland, but this is one of my favorites.”

“They give us great hope! Ain’t this a great world?”

“Elegant, beautiful dance movements.”

Although James was not a pro dancer like his newlywed wife, he managed to get out there and prove that with practice and dedication you can do anything. And as James has shown, he is willing to go out on a limb for his bride. That takes some courage.

What is your reaction to this viral first dance? Are you a fan?