Bristol Palin Opens Up About Celebrities Who Sexually Harassed Her, Blasts Media For Silence : AWM

Bristol Palin Opens Up About Celebrities Who Sexually Harassed Her, Blasts Media For Silence

When allegations against Harvey Weinstein started to come in, many other victims found the courage to step forward and reveal the sexual assault and harassment they’ve endured at the hands of Hollywood elite. And now sexual allegations are a trending topic in the American cultural landscape. This trend is a good thing for the victims who have endured horrible strife and suffering after being abused by people who thought they were too successful or famous to be taken down by the law.

Hollywood has not been the only industry to suffer. Many politicians and people in the news media have also been accused of horrible acts of sexual degradation.

Bristol Palin, the daughter of politician Sarah Palin, has been watching the sexual allegation reports very closely. She is disappointed in the media because she feels that a double standard has been exposed concerning her family.

In a blog post, Bristol aired her complaint and spilled her confession.

“What we need to look at is a real TRUE standard that needs to be set. But here’s a question,” Bristol Palin wrote on the blog. “How do we pick and choose whom to hold accountable? Why aren’t we looking at all the sexual harassment?”

Bristol is speaking about the sexual harassment her family has endured.

“Why are some things ‘just a joke’ for some, and serious offenses for others? The solution is to come together and treat sexual harassment the same, no matter what side of the aisle you may be on.”

In an act of bravery, Bristol Palin started to articulate unwanted sexual advancements her family endured. And then she wondered why the media wasn’t paying attention to her serious allegations.

Fox News’s Chris Wallace was the first sexual predator that Bristol exposed.

“When Chris Wallace was asking if my Mom would be sitting in his lap for an interview, he responded, ‘One can only hope.’ Did Wallace receive any consequence for this kind of sexual harassment? None. No one at Fox radio batted an eye with his violent misogynist rant – in fact, he’s still celebrated.”

Bristol Palin then revealed the truth about the horrors her family endured at the hands of famed comedian David Letterman.

“Then there was this, David Letterman ‘joked’ about my 14-year-old sister getting knocked up by Alex Rodriguez at a Yankees game in 2009 – also saying the biggest problem my parents would have in New York would be keeping Elliot Spitzer away from my sister – Elliot Spitzer, if you don’t recall, was New York’s governor in 2008, a man who had to resign in the midst of a scandal concerning his solicitation of prostitutes.”

She then blasted Azeala Banks.

“This rapper’s Twitter account remained OPEN after these tweets about my mom just in 2016: ‘Sarah Palin needs to have her hair shaved off to a buzz cut, get headf***ed by a big veiny, ashy, black d*** then be locked in a cupboard.”

Mike Tyson also allegedly sexually harassed Bristol’s mom.

Do you think Bristol Palin is right? Should all sexual abusers and harassers face the consequences?