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Bull Fighter’s Unusual Actions After The Match Has Animal Rights Activists Calling Him Perverse

Although bullfighting is a long-standing tradition, it has more recently come under scrutiny for its blatant cruelty toward animals. Because the bulls are stabbed repeatedly and then released to “fight” the matador, the animals are not only at a disadvantage given their injured state – they are slain at the end in a ceremonial display that animal rights activists cannot even watch.

However, there was a recent incident involving a matador and the bull that has shocked even the most hardened bullfighting fans. In this particular fight, the matador wiped away the bull’s bloodied “tears” with his handkerchief before killing it in front of the roaring crowd.

39-year-old Morante de la Puebla was the matador who has forever put a stain on his career. Because of what he did inside the Real Maestranza bullring in Seville, he will forever be a notorious bullfighter.

Before the magnificent animal was slain, it had four spiked “banderillas” sticking out of its back. As soon as the footage of the bullfight was release, the leader of Spain’s Animalist Party Against Mistreatment of Animals, a political party fighting for animal rights, released a statement shaming de la Puebla for his condescending treatment of the bull.

“Only a malicious and perverse mind could torture an animal until the blood pours down its legs and then wipe its face with a tissue.”

Although the animal rights groups see the bullfighter’s move as “malicious” and “perverse,” those in favor of the tradition of bullfighting saw it in a completely different light labeling the maneuver “respectful.”

Because the lovers of bullfighting say that the sport is an integral part of Spanish culture, they never want to see it stop and love seeing when Matadors like de la Puebla create a spectacle around the sport as in when he wiped the tears from the dying bull’s face before sending it to the slaughter.

The leader of the Animalist party, Silva Barquero Nogales, continued by saying:

“The Matador is just disguising for his lack of empathy. Abolish bullfighting now!”

The vast majority of people agree with the animal rights’ groups. They called the act “psychopathic” and “hypocritical” as well as cruel because the matador killed the bull only moments after wiping away its tears of pain and suffering.

Morante de la Puebla first appeared as a true matador in March 2000. He has been killing these animals for two decades. Four years later, in 2004, de la Puebla quit his job as a matador due to “mental health” issues. However, he rushed back into the ring the following year. While he loved being the center of attention, he then started to dull of the sport and quit again in 2007. At the time, he said he no longer had any enthusiasm or passion for the sport.

The matador then changed his mind again and returned to fight bulls in the ring the following year in 2008. For the next decade, he fought the bull nearly incessantly, until he announced his retirement in 2017. He vowed this would be the last time he would quit the sport. But he again flip-flopped and returned to the bullfighting ring the following year.

What is your opinion on bullfighting?

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