Bullies Teased Her About Her Nose. Mom’s Drastic Action Before School Is Causing Controversy : AWM

Bullies Teased Her About Her Nose. Mom’s Drastic Action Before School Is Causing Controversy

No parent wants to hear that their child is being bullied – especially over something they cannot control like the way they look. Unfortunately, it happens all the time across the United States. And since children spend a lot of time on the internet, it occurs there as well. Even when parents tell teachers and principals about the abuse, sometimes nothing is done – that’s why some parents take matters into their own hands and try to improve their children’s lives as best as they can.

As California teen Elisa Chaddock grew up, one thing remained constant. Other students always bullied her about her nose. During middle school, the abuse was hard enough for her to bear, but as she got into high school the bullies became even crueler. When she entered her sophomore year in high school in Orange County, California, she told her mother that it was just too hard to go on. The bullies had gotten worse and were relentlessly teasing her about her nose and it hurt badly.

“A lot of people call me shark, toucan, big nose,” Elisa told Inside Edition. “Hammerhead shark, to be specific.”

The teen tried to have a thick skin. But no matter what hallway she walked down at school, someone would call her an abusive name and berate her for her nose. She couldn’t find any respite online either because bullies attacked her there as well.

“That’s really hard for me because I do have a name and I am a person.”

Because the bump on her nose caused so much strife, she stopped looking at herself in the mirror. Elisa had grown to hate herself because of her nose and didn’t want to go to school anymore.

“It’s just like I want to hide or I want to put my head down,” she said.

Because Elisa would confide in her mother about the relentless abuse, her mom, Laurie, wanted to do something to help.

“It just killed me inside,” Laurie said.

Laurie didn’t know what to do. Elisa was still very young, but the bullying was so bad, her mom wanted to do something to end it forever. So she decided to contemplate getting her teen daughter plastic surgery to fix the problem and shut the bullies up.

With Elisa’s support, Laurie reached out to the Magic Mirror Foundation. And when they revealed Elisa’s sad story to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Niccole, he offered to do the procedure for free. It was a wonderful stroke of luck.

“These kids are constantly being teased, and you know, you want to do something for them,” Dr. Niccole said.

Elisa was happy to have the surgery. When the day of the surgery came, Dr. Niccole put her under the knife and fixed the bridge of her nose. He straightened it just like Elisa wanted. He even threw in a chin implant as well, which made the teen extremely happy.

Now Elisa can look her bullies in the eyes and be proud of the way she looks.

“I see such a dramatic change in her. She’s just a much happier girl,” Laurie reported.

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