Bullies Tortured Him Until He Died, But The Police Are More Concerned About The Teacher’s Actions : AWM

Bullies Tortured Him Until He Died, But The Police Are More Concerned About The Teacher’s Actions

Bullying is something children have dealt with forever. But in the modern era, bullies are able to harass their peers in new ways. As people begin to live their lives online more and more, cyberbullying has a stronger impact on a person’s self-esteem than you might suspect. It has increased the suicide rates of teens across the globe. But in Russia, a teenage boy died after bullies in his school made a prank against him that ended in his death.

When 17-year-old Sergei Casper went to his high school in Moscow, he knew to be careful. A group of bullies regularly tormented him, and he knew to keep his guard up. But on this day, Sergei would face a cruel prank unlike any he had ever witnessed before. And this time, the group of bullies would have some support from the teacher.

When Sergei was vulnerable, the bullies rushed over and held him still. Then they began wrapping his body in plastic wrap. With so much wrap around his entire body, he was like a mummy and could not move. Then the bullies picked him up and put his feet first into a public toilet – one that had not been flushed yet.

After dunking him in the toilet, the bullies carried him back into class. The teacher chuckled about how “boys will be boys.” She proceeded to ignore them.

But Sergei could not walk. He tried at one point, but then lost his balance and fell. Because he was wrapped up, he had no way of bracing himself for impact. And he fell right toward the edge of his teacher’s desk. Instead of being able to throw up his hands and catch himself as he fell, his throat caught on the edge of the desk. The impact crushed his esophagus.

With his windpipe destroyed, Sergei wriggled on the ground unable to breathe. His tormenters continued taunting him, and his teacher did nothing to help. She did not even check on Sergei to see if he was okay.

When the boy began to die, his classmates finally began to worry that they had committed manslaughter. They started to get worried that their cruelty would be discovered and that they’d have to face justice. But as the fear of retribution seeped through them, it was too late to save Sergei’s life. He died shortly after.

Police are investigating the incident. And they have their sights set on the teacher who did nothing to help the boy who died in class.

Sergei’s friends and family mourn his loss. They are outraged that the teacher did nothing when their boy fell against his desk.

“They seemed to think it was hilarious, and then they decided to take their prize back to the classroom where although the teacher was sitting at her desk, she did absolutely nothing to help him,” Alex, a friend of Sergei, said. “(Sergei) was a good guy. He never did anything bad to anyone, and he was my friend. But the others just picked on him all the time.”

Because the teacher did not intervene with the bullies, a teenager died a horrible death in school.