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Burger King Manager’s Reaction To Pregnant Woman In Line Has The Internet Seething

The media has published a wealth of stories about fast food restaurants recently. Some have been heartwarming, and others have shown customers and employees in a negative light. One of the latest comes from Newark, Ohio and it is certainly not a positive and friendly story. It seems that a customer was taking longer than the manager would like for her to make her order in the drive-thru. The manager at the Burger King they were at got mad about the time they were spending, resulting in quite the tirade.

Lizzie Ramsey headed to Burger King with her husband, her husband’s coworker and his two brothers who are just 11 and 12 years old. It was morning and the family just wanted to get a bite to eat for breakfast. With five people in the car, you can imagine that ordering took a little longer since you have multiple people trying to choose what they want to eat.

Ramsey says that as she added to her order, the person taking the order kept giving her a total price and would interrupt her to do this. She said that the person taking the order even told her to “hurry up” while she was putting her order in. Ramsey says that they were not holding up other drive-thru customers since they were the only vehicle there at the time.

Ramsey, who is pregnant, decided that she was going to head into the restaurant to complain to the manager. She wanted to tell the manager how she was being treated while trying to put in an order for a car full of people.

However, Ramsey was met with surprise because as she started talking to the manager, she learned that the manager was actually the person who was taking their order and being incredibly rude to her and the others who were with her.

A video was taken of Ramsey talking to the manager of the restaurant. In the video, you can see the manager telling Ramsey that she should have ordered faster. She then tells her that she needs to leave the restaurant and tells Ramsey that she is going to call the cops on her.

Ramsey tells her that there should not be a time limit when someone is playing an order. Ramsey’s husband then threatens the manager by telling her that he is going to call the restaurant’s corporate office to make them aware of the incident.

The manager then starts to use expletives while telling them to get out of the restaurant. Ramsey tells her that she is pregnant and recording the entire incident.

The video went viral on Facebook and others from the Newark area report that this manager is rude to a lot of people who patronize the establishment. Many people saw the video and commented that they had the same experience with that manager.

The family has since received a gift card and an apology from the corporate office. It is not known of the manager of this location has been fired.