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Burglar Runs Into 90 Pound Dog, Learns Valuable Lesson

When a burglar in Indianapolis, Indiana thought he was going to strike it rich, the last thing he expected happened. After he had been scoping out the place, trying to find the best way inside, the best time of day to strike, the best clothing to wear – he had figured out every last detail. However, the burglar missed one thing, and this X factor ended up being the end of his criminal activity for a long time.

What was the x-factor that thwarted his burglary? It was none other than Roxy, the fearsome pit bull terrier. While the burglar might have figured out every other detail about Donnie Massing’s home, he managed to overlook the guard dog that was waiting for him.

Although the man had high hopes to ransack the Massing property, Roxy stopped him where he was and managed to detain the burglar until the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) arrived to cuff the criminal and throw him in the back of the nearest police cruiser.

“Super proud of her, tried to tell everyone I could,” said Roxy’s owner Donnie Massing. “I tried to brag about her as much as I can.”

Neighbors were there to witness the burglar breaking in. They called the police and even recorded the event on video with their cellphone cameras.

“When he was trying to climb out of the window, he had one leg out of the window, and then I guess Roxy was trying to pull him back in the house,” Massing told Fox 59.

The man didn’t stand a chance against 90-pound Roxy. Although he did break free of her eventually, he ran right into the arms of the police crying “There’s a big dog!”

Because she was instrumental in stopping the Indianapolis burglar, Roxy has earned herself the right to be called a hero.

Before the man could get booked into the county jail, he went to the hospital to be treated for hand and head injuries. While trying to escape the fearsome dog, he rolled off the roof and hit his head on the ground. It is unclear if Roxy really caused the fall or if the man simply freaked out and fell by his own volition.

“It’s a big relief knowing that the guy got caught, and won’t be around here any particular time soon,” Massing said.

Massing has it made. Because he has Roxy there to protect his home, he’s not expecting any burglars. Now that they know she is there, they’re not going to knowingly break into this home and try to steal his valuables.

Roxy may not realize just how much of an impact she’s made on the local community. However, people really love her now. They want to meet her and take photographs with her. But they also know not to get too close, after hearing how she downed the burglar.

While’s she a hero, she’s really just happy to have more time to spend with her owner.

What do you think about this dog’s courage to face the Indianapolis burglar?

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