Bus Aide Doesn’t Realize Security Camera Is Rolling, Captures Repulsive Act; Gets Arrested : AWM

Bus Aide Doesn’t Realize Security Camera Is Rolling, Captures Repulsive Act; Gets Arrested

It’s never easy leaving your child in the care of strangers and there have been so many incidents that have surfaced regarding nannies and babysitters caught abusing the children of trusting parents. The newest child abuse issue involves a bus aide lashing out on a six-year-old girl with autism.

Surveillance camera footage recently caught an unidentified bus aide striking the young girl who is seen screaming in the video. When the school superintendent saw the video, he called the girl’s father, Nicholas Rushing, into his office to view the footage, and needless to say, Rushing left upset and heartbroken.

The disturbing footage shows the female bus aide touching six-year-old Kaylee and refusing to give the girl her personal space. In order to deter the woman, Kaylee spits on the woman, and then the aide slaps the girl in the face.

Autistic parents are well aware that their child needs to have space when they are going through a meltdown, and the aide being so up close and personal to Kaylee, caused the girl to lash out, but that doesn’t mean that the aide had the right to hit the girl.

Because of the incident, Kaylee no longer wants to be in the presence of strangers and because she is a nonverbal child, she lacked the capability of telling her parents what had happened on the bus.

‘She is an awesome kid and she is super sweet and for this to happen as a dad it almost feels like I failed her,’ Rushing said. ‘I don’t think I have ever been more mad in my life.’

Both parents are rightfully upset and they know that it is going to take a lot of time and patience to get Kaylee comfortable in public settings and around strangers again.

‘It just makes me want to cry to be honest with you. As a mom, just seeing that, it’s disgusting,’ said Kaylee’s mother, Madeline Norley, who is disheartened to see how closed off Kaylee has become since the incident.

While she didn’t suffer physical trauma from the incident, she has certainly undergone mental trauma that is taking a toll on her.

Evidently, the aide had only been with the bus company, Lincoln-Way Special Education District, for two weeks and had not been trained on how to deal with autistic children. The company has launched an investigation and they stated that safety on the bus is a number one priority for the company.

The incident, which occurred in New Lenox, Illinois, is also being investigated by the New Lenox Police, however; as of now, no charges have been filed.

In the meantime, Kaylee’s parents are on a mission to change the way people with disabilities are treated and they have started a Change.org petition. Their goal is to end abuse toward those with disabilities.

Commenters were disgusted by the aide’s behavior…

“Autistic or not you never lay your hand on a child like this. She should never work with kids again. Ever. I have two kids, one “normal” and one high functioning. Both have had meltdowns as all kids do and I’ve learned to just let them scream it out even if it pulls on every nerve in your body. They eventually stop. Poor kiddo. I do hope she learns eventually that most people are good people.”