Anyone who doesn’t think police officers have a dangerous job is living in a bubble. Because police officers never know what they’re up against, they always have to be on watch and vigilant. When problems arise, what do people do? They call the police. That means officers have to be ready to defend themselves against violent people all while navigating dangerous situations. And sometimes police officers get hurt.

But one police sergeant in Dawson County, Georgia was completely taken off guard. He offered to give a homeless man a ride to the gas station and even give him some money. He was being a Good Samaritan. And suddenly, the situation escalated and 52-year-old Sgt. Randy Harkness’s life was in danger.

After the police sergeant tried to give the homeless man some money, the man became violent. He lashed out at the Good Samaritan police officer and began striking him in the face.

Because he was not expecting his act of good faith to turn so quickly, the police officer was not prepared. The homeless man continued to lash out at him and injure his face.

Thankfully, a female bystander happened to be there. She witnessed the violent suspect pummeling the policeman’s face. She rushed out of her car and because she was legally carrying a handgun, she took a shot.

The fired round sent the violent suspect running. As he fled the scene of the violent crime, the female bystander aimed and fired another bullet at the homeless man. In the end, her bullets hit the suspect at least one time. And Sgt. Harkness couldn’t be more grateful that she took action to help him.

Although police officers are on the job to protect and serve their communities, they always appreciated with citizens offer a helping hand.

Now the Dawson County Sheriff is calling the woman what she is – a hero.

“I truly believe that she’s a hero,” Sheriff Jeff Johnson told Fox 5 Atlanta. “I believe that she potentially saved this officer’s life. We don’t know how far the suspect would have went with the assault.”

Because the woman came to the officer’s rescue, it is unlikely the police will charge her for using her firearm. However, the incident remains under investigation, which is customary practice.

Following the suspect’s violence, other bystanders exited their vehicles to join the heroic woman. They applauded her bravery for being the first one to step out and stand up for the police sergeant.

These bystanders restrained the homeless assailant until backup arrived and he could be arrested.

Both Sgt. Harkness and the suspect were transported to the hospital.

This story serves as a reminder of why the second amendment can come into good use. If this woman was not legally allowed to carry her firearm, the police sergeant might not have survived the surprise attack. We just don’t know.

Either way, the Sheriff’s office is happy that she stepped forward in this time of need.

What do you think about this heroic woman’s willingness to protect the police officer?

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