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Caitlyn Jenner And Her Girlfriend Want To Become Parents

Although Caitlyn Jenner had children with Kris Jenner, she is not done being a parent. The reality television star and former Olympian is now dating 22-year-old Sophia Hutchins. Because Jenner wants to become a mother, she and Hutchins are consulting with stepdaughter Kim Kardashian about surrogacy, something Kim has a lot of experience with. Although Jenner is 69 and her girlfriend is just 22-years-old, the pair feel ready to start a family and bring children into the world.

Jenner already has six biological children. She also has four stepchildren and fourteen grandchildren. However, those children and grandchildren all grew up calling Jenner “dad.” Now that Jenner has made her transition, she wants to raise a baby as a mother.

Because Jenner and Hutchins have a unique relationship, there has been a lot of speculation on what is going on between them. They live together. And despite their nearly fifty-year age divide, they claim to be very close and have a lot in common.

Hutchins works for Jenner as the executive director of her foundation.

The pair have not revealed whether or not they plan on getting married before bringing a baby into the world. But Jenner is ready to have a baby with Hutchins and become a mother as she has always dreamed of becoming.

A source close to the couple spoke to Closer magazine about how Jenner, despite already having ten children, wanted to have a child to raise as its mother.

“Caitlyn and Sophia have spoken about starting a family together for the last year or so, and while Caitly n’s already got ten children, she’s never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother, which she’s always dreamed of doing,” said the source.

The source also said that both Jenner and Hutchins want to explore motherhood. That’s why they plan to use surrogacy to get the job done.

Although Jenner wants to use Kim Kardashian to help her find a surrogate, Jenner has miffed her former wife and partner Kris Jenner. In the memoir, The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn Jenner upset several members of the Kardashian-Jenner household, and it is not clear if they’ll ever be able to repair their relationships.

Although Jenner is excited to become a mother at age 69, her daughters are not thrilled and think it is a terrible idea.

“The girls are all really worried about the stresses and strains of having a newborn on Caitlyn – especially Kylie, who says she struggles at 21, and that at 70 Caitlyn should be enjoying taking life at a slower pace after having raised her children,” said the insider.

The source added, “Caitly n’s assured them all that they’re in the early stages of interviewing nannies and will have a good support system in place, and says Sophia will be the main ‘hands-on’ mum. Kim’s been incredibly helpful and is the only one who’s been showing support, giving advice on surrogacy and her experiences. After the issues between them, Cait’s hoping this child will help reunite the family.”

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