California May Be The First State To Offer Paid Parental Leave For Six Months And It’s Causing Controversy : AWM

California May Be The First State To Offer Paid Parental Leave For Six Months And It’s Causing Controversy

Most families know that when they welcome a new child, getting adequate time off from work can be very challenging. According to Business Insider, the U.S. is the only developed nation in the world that doesn’t make paid parental leave available to employees. A new bill sponsored by the California Lawyers Association hopes to change this, however.

The bill, first proposed by Governor Gavin Newsom, hopes to create a new parental leave policy that would be paid through six months. Naturally, people are interested in getting more details about how this paid leave will be funded.

It’s interesting to note that only a small number of states have laws for paid leave and, at the federal level, the Family Medical Leave Act only offers up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. This leads to moms returning to work rather quickly after having a baby because they can’t afford to take the time off from work without pay.

According to, “under the governor’s proposed measure, it is possible the six months of leave would be split between two caregivers. While paid leave is something that is widely supported nationwide by everyday Americans, people wonder if it will mean more payroll deductions.”

Of course, the benefits of parents being able to spend time with a newborn are significant, as it would allow more time to bond with the baby, as well as provide availability for breastfeeding moms to feed on demand, and for mothers to heal their bodies after giving birth.

Among the many comments left on social media on the matter were those in favor of giving parents paid family leave, with one person noting: “That’s amazing! We have 18 months in Canada. About time. I can’t believe that tiny little babies have to go to daycare. That must be heartbreaking for mom and baby!!”

One commenter shared this perspective on the topic: “Don’t know how we did it years ago. Women went back to work after 6 weeks and Daddy took a week’s vacation to help out! Do you all wonder how much this would cost a company to do this? And will they pass that cost on to us? That is a little long for paid leave and I can just see some people getting pregnant again as soon as they can… so maybe they would end up with about a year’s paid leave and then quit!! Your choice to have a baby… Why should we pay for it?”

Another commenter responded: “no, they are supporting mothers so they can stay home and support their babies. We also have 12 month paternity leave so dad can stay home instead if he chooses.
This benefits the children as they have a stronger bond with mom/dad and aren’t being raised by stranger. We do not live to work, we work to live.”

One commenter wondered: “What about people who chose not to have kids? Do we get 6 months off too?” Another person responded: “Do you need 6 months off? For what, to sleep on the couch, do you think staying home is a vacation? Because childcare is totally unaffordable.”

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