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California Passes Repulsive New Law, Causes National Outrage

California is known as one of the most liberal states, and conservatives are being urged to steer clear of the coastal state. This urgency just became a little more clear with a new law that is being passed.


Believe it or not, you can now be sent to prison for addressing someone by the wrong pronoun. The law is part of some new measures that are being put in motion to protect those who recognize themselves as transgender, and the LGBT community in hospitals assisted living facilities and retirement homes.

If you didn’t believe that such a bill could be passed, it’s time to start believing, as California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed it into law. Senator Scott Wiener was the big pusher of the bill, but he has recently been criticized for it as the language of the bill flat out states that those who don’t use a person’s preferred name or pronoun correctly¬†can face fines and even jail time. Weiner’s defense is that “it will never be used for that,” but others are having a hard time proving his statement, considering the bill language states the opposite and there is nothing in there that protects people from “mistakenly” using the incorrect pronoun.

Weiner’s critics are questioning his ability to know what will happen in ten years time and by then people may be using the law to punish their enemies. The law is being called irresponsible and illiberal and has the potential to discipline those who don’t agree with the leftist agenda. Some are even saying that the law is dangerous and that it is California’s way of denying its citizens the right to think and express themselves.


There is some speculation that California has become a hotspot for trying out liberal ideas and this isn’t the first oddball law that has made it into fruition. The city has banned plastic bags and roofs are required to be painted white. Critics claim that the out of control taxpayer-paid pension packages have sent several cities into bankruptcy and has caused the state a whole lot of financial pain. Known as the 4th highest individual tax burden in the country, California residents are feeling the burden.

Another criticism of the state is the fact that it has become known as a safe place for illegal aliens to go and the state refuses to allow the use of e-verify, if not required by federal law. These illegal aliens come into the country, reside in California and develop businesses that they don’t pay taxes on and some even commit illegal crimes and receive minor punishment for them.

Another appalling bill that was passed is protecting those who knowingly transmit HIV to another person. Just recently it stopped being a felony for those who transmit the disease. So, technically a person who is afflicted with HIV can donate their blood to a bank and not be penalized for knowingly transmitting the diseases.

On top of all of this, California is on its way to becoming a sanctuary state, which means that local authorities will have different rules when interacting with immigration authorities.