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Can You Guess Why This Shark Wrangler’s Photos Went Viral Overnight?

Have you ever taken a photo or filmed a video and shared it online with the hopes that it would go viral? Perhaps, you have a video of your child or grandchild doing something adorable. Or maybe you filmed your pet performing a funny trick or doing something foolish, like knocking people into the swimming pool. Videos go viral for the strangest reasons. But they don’t always go viral for the reasons we think they should.

Sometimes, people notice something about the image that makes it special for a whole different reason.

If you’re an animal lover, then you’re going to love this photo. And if you’ve got eyes for something else, you might see why this clip really went viral.

In the photo, a shark wrangler has pulled a hammerhead shark out of the water onto the beach. And while the shark is massive at about 12-feet long, the video has gone viral with hundreds of likes for another reason altogether.

Take another look at the photo, and you’ll see why. The man dragging the shark by the tail has a body like a professional bodybuilder. And people are taking notice of his abs.

The shark wrangler, Elliot Subal, was taking a trip to Florida when he caught two large hammerhead sharks. Although he was capturing the large fish for research purposes, people took notice of his fit physique. He would catch them, tag them, and then release them into the wild.

Because Subal is in great shape, the Facebook page called Sanibel-Captiva Islander shared the photos of the shark wrangler to show his massive catch. And in a matter of hours, the photos went viral with hundreds of reactions and comments.

Although many people looked at the images for the sharks, others remarked how they couldn’t even look at the hammerheads after Sudal’s physique blinded them.

Viewers were quick to compliment Sudal’s body in the comments.

“I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the shark or that guy’s abs?”

“ABsolutely the best-looking shark I’ve ever seen at the beach,” another person wrote.

“Beautiful animal. Those abs are pretty hot too,” a female viewer contributed.

Because of Sudal’s abs, a lot of viewers seemed to have found a new passion for marine life.

“And suddenly I’m interested in sharks.”

“Wouldn’t mind catching the shark catcher. Only I wouldn’t throw it back.”

Despite all the comments about his abs, Sudal still had at least some people interested his work with sharks. He spoke to WINK News about the animals.

“It’s the biggest thing you could possibly catch off the beach. I mean, these things are strong. They are good fighters. You’ve got big reels, big hooks… It is exciting.”

Sudal has worked as a shark hunter for four years with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Over his career, he has caught more than 500 sharks. In the last year, he tagged and released 200.

Because of his line of work, Sudal travels all over the globe to places like Nantucket and the Bahamas.

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