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Can You Pinpoint Why Mom Turned Pale As A Ghost After Looking At Photo She Had Developed?

During a happy celebration, a family living Brynhyfryd, North Wales hosted a birthday party for the girl, Charlotte, who was turning 10 years old. It was a glorious celebration with close friends and family. Only a handful of people came to the get-together at their North Wales home. Many pictures were snapped during the party. But one in particular caught mom Sally Watts’s attention. She was standing there offering the cake to the girl – but over her should lurked a ghostly boy in the mirror. And he was not one of the invited guests…

While they lived in the house, Sally, who is a mother of five, often believed the house was haunted by a ghost. Now she has photographic proof.

“We came out with the cake and Charlotte stood to the side to take the picture. Charlotte and I were looking through the photos later and then I noticed the child behind me in the mirror. It completely freaked us out. I did wonder if there anyone missing, but there was only one child not in the picture but sat on the other sofa where I could see. Charlotte’s eyes filled up. We said: “We can find an explanation for it.” Initially I thought it was my son Ollie, but then you can see him sat on the sofa in the picture.”

But it wasn’t Sally’s son, Ollie. He was standing somewhere else. She continued:

“There were only five kids there at the party and they were only there in the room. Charlotte was taking the picture and my other son Eddie was away camping. There’s literally no explanation for it. We were trying to work out what had happened, trying to re-enact it without scaring the kids.”

Now that they have the photographic evidence that their home was haunted, Sally and her brood are “Freaked Out”.

“The picture freaks me out even now. It makes me get goose pimples,” Sally said. “Thinking it could be the little boy who used to be in our old house makes it easier for me to process. Our family unit could be very similar to what his was. I think he wanted to make himself known. We moved from Barry five years ago.”

She continued speaking about the ghost boy:

“He never did anything threatening or nasty. It was just silly things, so many things. Things would move, I’d hear “Mum” called and it wasn’t the children. I used to blame Charlotte. One minute you’d be watching the EastEnders omnibus and then you’d have to be putting tools away. She had a rocking horse that used to neigh and make clip-clop sounds when you pressed it. It used to go off all the time. So we took the batteries out, but it went off anyway. That’s just how it was, it became normal.”

Do you think this family was truly haunted by a ghost boy? Or is there another explanation for the photo that isn’t a ghost?

I used to not believe in ghosts, until I read her story.