Can You See Why This Photo From Inside A Supermarket Is One Of The Most Controversial Of The Year? : AWM

Can You See Why This Photo From Inside A Supermarket Is One Of The Most Controversial Of The Year?

A photo has come out of Woolworths supermarket in Australia that has thousands of social media users furious as can be. One look might not be enough for you to figure it out. But if you look closely and question why the bananas would be packaged like this, you might gather why the internet is furious about this photo that has been shared thousands of times.

The bananas are wrapped in excessive packaging, and some cynical viewers think that this was done simply to make the bananas weigh more and thus cost more. Since produce is sold by the pound, the managers at Woolworths are probably trying to jip the customer out of his or her hard-earned money.

Could the extra packing be there to maximize freshness? The consensus is that no. That much packaging would not likely make a difference in the freshness of one of the world’s most popular fruits.

In the image, you’ll see how the grocery store packed up the bananas. The fruit is contained within plastic boxes. Not just plastic wrap, but boxes. These weigh significantly more than the plastic wrap that sometimes goes around bananas. Could this be a ploy to separate the customer from more of his or her money than necessary?

Australian customers are very sensitive to plastic use in grocery stores. Not only is it bad for the environment, but grocers use it as a way to charge more for their produce – as is probably the case with these bananas.

When the image started going on the internet, people made some pretty astute observations. One that rang true was that bananas are already packaged by nature and do not need plastic around them as a more sensitive fruit might.

“They come already pre-packaged by nature!” the intelligent observer noted.

The packaging increase certainly will make the grocery store more money. And since Woolworths is a massive chain with numerous locations across the country, they have their fair share of tricks to get a hand up on the customer.

The discussion made its way onto Reddit, where hundreds of people shared why they thought the grocer was packaging bananas unnecessarily.

“It’s to ‘force customers to buy in awkward sizes,” one person said.

This could be true as well. Customers have no choice but to buy a certain amount of bananas rather than choosing however many they really want.

“Woolies (and Coles) would have been collecting the information on how many bananas most people buy per transaction, and they’ll pack them just under that number, forcing you to choose to buy two packs or go without… if they come in packs of five and you need six you have to buy ten.”

When grocery stores employ tricks like this to make you buy more than you need, you lose trust in them. You want the provider of your food to care about you – not just their bottom line. Would you continue to buy bananas from this shop if you knew how they were forcing your hand to spend more money?