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Can You Spot Deadly Creature Family Found Hiding In Plain Sight In Their Garage?

In Australia, deadly snakes are an everyday part of life. Just like Americans have to call pest control every once in a while, Australians need to call the local snake catcher. And these business owners have a constant supply of work to take care of and most of it is very urgent. But below you’ll see the image that the snake catcher took when he responded to a terrified call from a Queensland home after the owner saw a snake in the family garage. When the snake catcher arrived to do his job, he quickly realized he wasn’t dealing with just one deadly python. It was actually half of a mating pair – and when he realized that the second snake was sitting on the shelf ready to strike, he had to be very careful. Or he could lose his finger…

When scouring the garage, the snake catcher noticed that there were a lot of scales for just one reptile. This got him thinking that it must be one half of a mating pair. And when he saw the second snaking lurking on the shelf, he snapped a picture for his business’s Facebook page and posted it online.

Although he was able to see the second snake on the shelf, most people on social media are struggling to find it. The snake is so well camouflaged that it is almost impossible to see it lurking there ready to strike at the man.

He might have snapped the picture while on the job, but he could have been at risk if he had stopped to post it to the Sunshine Snake Catchers 24/7 Facebook page. You wouldn’t want to be at the mercy of a python like that.

Dan the snake catcher arrived at a home in Cooroy, Queensland and then removed the snake. Then and only then, he noticed that it was not alone. It was with a mating pair.

In the Facebook post, Dan took liberty to describe the horrific moment.

“Breeding season is in full swing at the moment!’ he wrote in a post alongside the picture. I was called to a Cooroy home, where the resident had noticed a snake in their garage. Upon arrival, there seemed to be a lot of scales for one snake. Further investigation revealed what was a breeding pair! This photo was taken after one snake was removed, as I didn’t realise there was 2 until I started to move the 1st one.”

In the photo, you should look for the large black snake. But I promise you, this is not an easy one to see. Take a close look at the shelf and then you’ll be on the right path. And if you look closely, you can see it curled up in the box next to the hat.

Readers on Mail Online shared their collective shock at the second hiding python:

“We have our problems here in America with nature but you Australians are on a whole different level.”

“Never trust anything that doesn’t have eyebrows!”

Did you see the hiding snake?