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Can You Spot The Hidden Image People Are Talking About That’s On The New Coke Cans

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the delicious foods and drinks. At this time of year, peppermint hot chocolate, tasty bread and other baked goods, and other delectable items are available all over the place. Just walk into a Dunkin’ Donuts or another fast food restaurant, and you’ll be greeted with dozens of options to satisfy your holiday foodie itch.

But few companies have a monopoly on Christmas as strongly as Coca-Cola. Not only does the brand try to equate their soda with Santa Claus, but they’ve also been leaning into an environmentally conscious polar bear theme. Although these corporate polar bears have a much better gig than real polar bears that are constantly losing their habitat to climate change as the polar ice caps melt, Coca-Cola has pushed their version of these bears onto their customers to great appeal.

The Coca-Cola packaging now has polar bears illustrated on it during the holiday season to help celebrate Christmas.

But these corporate polar bears are hiding a secret in plain sight. While they first debuted on Coca-Cola packaging in 2016, they’re back for the holiday season in 2017. And they’ve got a big secret that some fans are starting to notice.

Take a close look at the images here. If you have a can of Coke at home, pick it up and put it under a magnifying glass. Can you see what the executives at Coca-Cola have infused into the image of the polar bears?

Reddit user sunkist268 noticed it and shared the observation online. The polar bears’ eyes are created out of Coca-Cola bottle caps. And their snouts’ sheen is shaped like Coca-Cola bottles. This is subliminal advertising at its finest.

When you see the secret image, you’ll be hitting yourself wondering how you never spotted it before. But Coca-Cola has master the art of subliminal advertising and has infused it into their campaigns for almost two decades.

Perhaps you remember when American Idol first debuted. Remember how the judges were sitting in chairs that looked just like Coca-Cola bottles? And they also sipped Coca-Cola during the show.

People remarked on the subliminal imagery on the polar bears. The following were some thoughts:

“Omg, I literally had to zoom in but when I did I experienced the magic of Christmas,” one replied.

Polar bears have been a part of Coca-Cola’s ad campaigns since 1993. These versions are new though.

“This year, we wanted to keep the same look and personality while creating a more graphic illustration style that would be easy to print around the world,” Frederic Kahn, Coca-Cola’s design director, told TODAY Food. “We also wanted to embed signature Coca-Cola elements so the Coca-Cola polar bears could immediately be recognizable as our asset.”

Coca-Cola knows how to influence the masses. And Kahn admits it was all planned out.

“When the bears are seen from the side, several have Coca-Cola dynamic ribbons as mouths, and we have some bears holding and drinking Coca-Cola from the contour bottle,” Kahn added.

Do you friends know this about Coke?