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Can You Spot The Large Dog In Photo That’s Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy?

Over the last few weeks the internet has seemed to have become obsessed with finding camouflaged animals. Perhaps it is because people are nostalgic for the optical illusion books that they used to read for fun as a kid. I know I used to be obsessed with them, you? But whether you liked the kind of optical illusions that popped out of the paper when you stared at the strange patterns or more puzzle-based images like Where’s Waldo, you’re going to love looking for this pup who is hiding in plain sight. That’s right. In this image that has been spreading over the internet for a few weeks, a dog is there – right there – in the picture. But can you see him? Or are you among the thousand who simply give up because the canine is camouflaged so good?


The image of this dog came from Christina Suvo who lives in Perth, Australia. Apparently, she walked into the kitchen and almost hit her canine because he was hiding so well in plain sight. And I would have too. He is nearly impossible to see.

Now I pose the challenge to you. Can you find where the dog is hiding in the kitchen? You’re going to need to strain your eyes and turn the brightness up on your screen because this guy is really hiding well. You may think this is no challenge at all, but let me assure you, it is no easy feat finding Fido in this featured image.

Do you see him yet?

If not, I encourage you to divide the image into four frames. In your mind’s eye, draw one line down the middle and one line through the middle and create four separate quadrants. Now scour each quadrant starting from the top left and go around it in a clockwise fashion.

Don’t worry. This image has been stumping thousands of viewers on the internet. If you don’t see the dog straight away, keep straining and looking at all the nooks and crannies in the place. I promise. He’s there and you’re going to hit yourself upside the head when you finally find him.

In the top left quadrant, you’ll see the fridge and the silver trashcan. Look carefully because you never know. The dog could be lurking somewhere in this quadrant camouflaging with the appliances.


The second quadrant has the door and the sink in it. While you might be temped to assume that the dog isn’t camouflaged at all but just hiding somewhere that makes him hard to see like that officer worker who jumped up on the counter and hid in the cabinets. But unlike that funny image, this dog is not trying to hide from anyone. Instead, he is just lounging there in plain sight while the rest of the world struggles to see him.

The quadrant at the bottom left includes the pattern rug and the dishwasher and the counter. There is a lot of tile in this section of the image, but unless the dog has tile-pattern markings, he isn’t here.

That leaves just the bottom right hand corner of the picture. And your eyes are probably scouring the black mat on the floor. And you’d be wise to. Because that is where the dog is!

The black dog is perfectly camouflaged in with the black mat. Even when you’re given the answer, it is hard to see the pooch.