Can You Spot Why Many Are Calling It The Most Poorly Designed House In All Of America? (video) : AWM

Can You Spot Why Many Are Calling It The Most Poorly Designed House In All Of America? (video)

If you’ve ever been on the market to buy a house, you know what it’s like to be perplexed by someone else’s design choices. You walk into a room and ask yourself, why did they put the bathtub there? Or you can’t imagine how you’re supposed to get a mattress through such a narrow stairwell. A bay window in the bathroom? Not unless you’re an exhibitionist. Well, this house in North Carolina has a pretty major design flaw that has everyone scratching your head. Can you figure out what it is?

New construction homes are often featured on television because of positive and inspiring stories. Perhaps a couple who have opened their hearts to ten orphans need a place to call home. Or maybe a family with a special needs child are surprised and touched by the community that built them a fully accessible home. Or a veteran or victim of a natural disaster is honored with their dream house.

But that isn’t the kind of story that has this newly built home in North Carolina spreading like wild fire on the internet. And it has nothing to do with the size of the rooms or the placement of bathtubs or windows. What’s wrong with this house is apparent without even entering it. Take one look at this house and you’ll be smacking your forehead. Can you see what the builders did wrong?

Inside Edition shared this story in a video clip on YouTube, writing,

“A North Carolina home may be the most poorly designed house in America. The driveway leads right up to the window. The garage is on the other side of the house. To park your car in the garage, you’d have to drive over the curb and then over your own lawn. The photo, first posted on Reddit, is now blowing up the Internet. Real estate agent Josh Flagg, from Million Dollar Listing said, ‘Nobody would ever build a home that way. It makes no sense. There’s got to be a reason.’”

This video has been viewed well over one million times since it appeared on the internet last year. Many people are outraged by this story. Mostly by the notion that the real estate agent would tear it down instead of fixing the problem.

LUpilot2012 wrote, “He would tear it down? Worst real estate agent in the business. Add a damn driveway. What a moron.”

Iloboy911808 added, “omg idiots now days!…. just fix the driveway.”

Stephanie Gail commented, “Tear it down ? Umm no just change the driveway.”

SteelCity1981 suggested, “just put a driveway to the garage on it, problem solved. i would keep the driveway on the side and put a basketball hoop on it.”

Jasmine Vaughn said, “Give it to a family who can’t afford their own home…you would be surprised how many less fortunate people would not even care about that design flaw and would appreciate the house.

Others don’t see the need to fix it at all, but rather find a different use for it.”

Ricardo wrote, “Wtf? Just park your car on the driveway and use the garage for extra storage.”

Alex Tran said, “the garage door is for decoration duh! I don’t park my car in my garage.”

And one viewer is pretty sure this wasn’t a design flaw at all. In fact, he has this entire conundrum figured out.

Edward Finkelstein commented, “I can’t believe all of you brainiacs that can’t figure this one out. This is a model home for this community, the sales staff uses this house to show off different features of their homes. The potential home buyers park in the lot which provides wheelchair access to the house. When this house is sold, they dig up the lot and pour a driveway.”

What do you think? What this snafu an accident or by design? Would you buy this house and fix the garage problem? Share your thoughts, stories, and opinions with us in the comments section below.