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Can You Spot Why Photo Of Six Friends Sitting On A Couch Sent The Internet Into A Frenzy?

A quick glance at this image will bring up nothing surprising. You’ll see what looks like a group of friends. These six young women are all lounging around together and smiling at the chance to take a photo with their good friends. The setting seems to be in someone’s living room or basement, and the young ladies are all sitting around or on the couch.

But this image has gone viral for a shocking reason. People cannot find one of the lady’s legs! And it is driving a lot of people crazy.

Brain teasers are all the rage right now. And since you’re sitting at your computer or looking at your phone, then you’re in just the right place to play with this image. While these six women are all in the image, all their limbs appear not to be.

This viral image came into popularity after it was posted to Reddit a while back. And now it is making a resurgence.

The girls in the photo were the original ones to notice the case of the missing legs. If you take a close look, you’ll only see five pairs of legs while there are six women in the image.

The women themselves were surprised to see the phantom legs missing. Where did they go? And how could they not appear in the image?

Just so you know, and there are no questions from you, each of these six women have two arms and two legs each. So that is not the reason there are only five pairs of legs in the picture.

So which woman is the culprit? It’s the one who is the third from the left. She appears to be entirely without legs. You see it, right?

You should also know something special about this picture. The six women in the image did not purposely pose this way to make it an optical illusion image. This happened by accident and was completely random. And that makes it all the more unsettling. It was just a perfectly executed image that was to go on to become one of the best viral pictures ever.

When the image as posted to Reddit, it went viral almost immediately. The comment section exploded with questions, and others tried to provide answers. But it is still confusing, and people just don’t know where that missing pair of legs went.

Some people believe the legs were hiding in plain sight. Perhaps the women third from the left has her legs spread wide, and the other two women on either side of her have their legs up and over them.

This image was so perplexing some internet gurus took it upon themselves to figure out the truth. They started to play with the brightness and contrast of the image. Then they began to outline the body shapes of the young women.

But the questions remains, where is the third from the left’s legs?

Because the image went viral, “Fox & Friends” invited the women from Appleton, Wisconsin to discuss the picture on air.

Where do you think her legs went?