After his daughter got into a recent accident while riding her scooter, Alfonso Ribeiro revealed that his daughter is going to have a long road to recovery. During his appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark on Tuesday this May, the actor from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air explained that his beloved 4-year-old daughter Ava crashed on her scooter the day before she marked her fourth birthday earlier this year.

While on the talk show, Alfonso Ribeiro explained that his daughter had to get emergency surgery following the accident. He spoke his heart out to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos to reveal that he is very worried about his young daughter because the accident caused her extreme pain and suffering.

“On Thursday, unfortunately, my daughter got injured and had to have emergency surgery,” Ribeiro said on the talk show. “So it was a very stressful weekend. She fell and had basically road rash on her face and arm, and so they had to scalpel off all the skin.”

After revealing that his daughter suffered an injury while riding her scooter, Consuelos wanted to know if Ribeiro’s daughter was going to be okay, given enough time to heal from her fall. The actor replied, “It’s going to be a long process.”

The actor also spoke about his wife Angela’s premonition about their daughter Ava. His wife had been struck with fear prior to the accident that their daughter was going to have something bad happen to her ahead of her fourth birthday.

“The hard part of it is that my wife really listens to her intuitions, and she actually on Thursday bought everyone into the kitchen and told everyone, ‘I have a feeling my daughter is going to the ER this week. Do not let her do anything that she can get hurt doing.’”

The actor wanted people to know that his daughter was getting quality care in the wake of her scooter accident but that the road to recovery was going to be longer than the family would have liked.

Ribeiro added, “That obviously wasn’t listened to. And so my nanny was running back into the house to get pads and stuff, and [Ava] went on a little sit-down scooter anyway.”

“How long has your wife been a psychic?” asked Ripa.

The actor replied, “Unfortunately, most of her life. She very rarely gets things wrong and sees things coming. You don’t always listen to that feeling, and I think that all mothers have that beautiful intuition.”

“That was very specific, but all mothers have that intuition,” he continued. “You carry this soul around in your body for nine months; there is a connection that men can never understand that women have with their babies. And she felt something that, unfortunately, everyone didn’t abide by that information.”

Ribeiro revealed his daughter’s accident in a social media post last week, writing: “Not the kind of day you want the day before turning four.”