Everyone knows that celebrities and America’s elite do not need to do everything for themselves. They have housekeepers to do their laundry and clean their dishes. They have maid services to keep their houses clean, landscaping services to keep their yards in tip-top shape, and, for the celebrities who are parents, they have entire teams of nannies to look after their children so they can continue to work and lead the life of leisure they are so familiar with.

Now, model and CEO of Carvings, Chrissy Teigen, has opened up about exactly how much help she has been getting to care for her three children. Although Teigen often shares content online showcasing how involved she is as a mother, the 37-year-old social media influencer shared a Mother’s Day post to her team of four nannies that do everything for her children while Teigen does her social media and other business-related things.

If you think four nannies for three children is excessive, then you don’t know what it means to be a rich celebrity. The more, the merrier, so the children can be taken care of, and the celebrity only has to do the fun stuff with the little ones.

On Mother’s Day, Teigen wrote to her nearly fifty-five million followers on Instagram, “Grateful for all the people who make it possible for me to be the best mother I can possibly be. I am endlessly thankful for your presence in this home and all our lives. We love you.”

In the Instagram tribute to her team of nannies, Teigen shared a few snaps of her children with their caretakers. The children, seven-year-old Luna, four-year-old son Miles, and four-month-old daughter Esti, are all smiles as they get to spend quality time with their nannies.

Although Teigen was proud to promote her team of nannies on social media, she did not name her nannies or tag them in the post. She likely did this to keep their identities private so people don’t try to track them down and get to Teigen and her children.

Teigen’s comment section was filled with fans singing the model’s praises for recognizing the nannies who are helping raise her three children from the ground up. Most celebrities never give credit to the myriad of people helping them live their lives behind the scenes.

In addition, Teigen gave her live-in mother, Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen, who is currently on a trip to Thailand. Teigen wrote, “We miss you and can’t wait for you to come back!”

It is truly inspiring to see that Teigen is taking the time to show gratitude and appreciation for the people behind her successful parenting. It serves as a reminder that just because celebrities have resources, it doesn’t mean they don’t need help raising their children.

Kudos to Chrissy Teigen for recognizing the hard work of her nannies and the significant role they play in raising her children. It’s a testament to the importance of teamwork and how it takes a village to raise a family.

Hopefully, other celebrities will take note of Teigen and recognize the hard-working people behind them who make their lives so much easier. They deserve to be recognized and appreciated for all the hard work they put in.