Kat Von D, the renowned tattoo artist and former star of the hit reality show “LA Ink,” has sent shockwaves through her fan base with her recent decision to undergo a dramatic transformation of her body artwork. The 41-year-old, known for her distinctive and elaborate tattoos, is making a bold move by choosing to cover up her existing ink with black ink, effectively creating a blackout canvas on her body. This unconventional choice has surprised many, as she has decided to forgo the often painful and lengthy process of laser tattoo removal.

Taking to Instagram, Kat Von D shared her ongoing journey of “blacking out” her body, which has already spanned 17 sessions and nearly 40 cumulative hours. In a video she posted, she proudly showcased her progress, revealing her left side, which was now entirely covered in black ink. The right side still bore remnants of her previous vine tattoo, but it, too, was destined to be concealed beneath a layer of black ink. The video provided a glimpse into the tools and techniques used in the process, offering a unique insight into Kat’s radical transformation.

In her Instagram caption, Kat Von D explained that she had been consistently traveling to Philadelphia to work with the talented tattoo artist @hoode215 at his renowned tattoo shop, @blackvulturegallery. This journey, as she put it, had already reached around 80% completion. She also anticipated the curiosity and criticism that would come her way, including questions about why she chose black ink and her motivations behind this drastic change.

To preemptively address any negativity and inquisitiveness from her followers, Kat included a Q&A section in her caption. She emphasized the painful and slow nature of laser tattoo removal, which can take more than ten sessions, making it an impractical option for someone with extensive coverage like hers. She also revealed that she was not a good candidate for laser removal considering the extensive coverage she wanted to eliminate.

One interesting point Kat made was that she was not planning to use white ink over the black to create a more natural-looking cover-up, as is commonly done. Instead, she expressed her love for the simplicity of an all-black canvas. Her decision to go for this bold aesthetic choice reflects her strong personal convictions and her desire to distance herself from her past tattoo choices.

The deeper motivation behind this transformation lies in Kat Von D’s profound personal journey. She stated that her tattoos represented a part of her life that no longer aligns with her current identity and beliefs. She admitted that while some people may choose to keep such landmarks from their past, she had grown tired of the constant reminders and decided it was time for a change.

This decision to black out her tattoos comes on the heels of her unexpected conversion to Christianity, a transformation she also shared with her followers on social media. In October, she posted a professional video of her baptism, a significant event in her spiritual journey. However, what should have been a joyous occasion was met with backlash, much of it coming from the Christian community itself.

Kat expressed her shock at the critical judgment she faced from some Christians, even though her conversion should have been a cause for celebration among them. She found it disheartening that people judged her based on her appearance and gothic demeanor, noting that there seemed to be a stereotypical aesthetic for the Christian community that she didn’t conform to.

Despite the negativity she encountered, Kat Von D remained steadfast in her beliefs and her desire to share her spiritual journey. She explained that she felt compelled to distance herself from her previous interests in witchcraft and the occult, even discarding books on these subjects. She emphasized her commitment to surrounding herself and her family with “love and light” as she embarked on this new chapter in her life.

As she embraced her evolving identity, Kat also shared her decision to bid farewell to California, where she had built her tattoo empire. She revealed her plans to close her beloved tattoo shop, marking the end of an era in her career.

Throughout her life and career, Kat Von D has been known for her gothic and macabre signature style, which has captivated her fans and made her a tattoo icon. However, her recent choices reflect her profound personal growth, her evolving spirituality, and her desire to align her life more closely with her newfound faith.

In conclusion, Kat Von D’s decision to black out her tattoos and her conversion to Christianity mark significant milestones in her life journey. While these choices have stirred controversy and criticism, they represent her unwavering commitment to her evolving beliefs and her desire to embrace a new chapter in her life, one that is more aligned with her current identity and values.