After his private airplane was abandoned in a New Mexico desert for years, Elvis Presley’s private plane will be going up for auction in the coming weeks. The airplane, which was a 1962 Lockheed 1329 Jetstar has been resting in an abandoned “aircraft graveyard” for years and was largely forgotten by the owner and the general public. The plane was left in the New Mexico desert for thirty-five years but will be picked up by one lucky buyer after it goes to the auction block per Mecum Actions.

Although Presley’s airplane is in poor condition, the auction buyer will have the opportunity to recreate the plane with enough effort and repairs. The airplane is one of just three airplanes that Elvis Presley owned during his lifetime. Presley purchased the Jetstar for $840,000 back in 1976 only one year before he passed away tragically.

The auctioneers are eager to sell Presley’s aircraft. They want someone to buy it who will repair it and bring it back to its former glory like it was while owned by Elvis Presley.

“Elvis and his effect on the music industry are known the world over, and this opportunity for a new owner to acquire an extravagant piece of his aviation past is a momentous occasion with untold room for flights of rock ‘n’ roll fancy,” the listing reads.

Presley’s Jetstar previously sold in 2017 for $430,000. It is unclear why the jet is going up for auction again so soon, but it is expected to earn quite a pretty penny for the auctioneers who are eager to get the bidding going on the plane. However, the plane does require a new engine if it is going to be able to fly again.

However, the 1970s jet is filled with tons of nostalgic charm including red velvet seats and a cassette player.

Presley’s airplane was only one of two hundred-four planes crafted between a partnership of Lockheed and Jetstar between the years 1957 and 1978.

“With a busy touring schedule, these crafts were needed to transport the singer, his TCB band, backup groups, Col. Tom Parker, and the ever-present Memphis Mafia to venues, concerts, and appearances all around the country,” the listing reads. “Elvis kept several pilots on retainer that was ready to fly him to adoring fans at a moment’s notice.”

Elvis led quite the career. He starred in over thirty-three movies and sold over a billion records. He was famous for his talent, deep voice, and self-deprecating humor. He also was married to Priscilla Presley for several years.

However, Presley’s life was in a downward spiral when he purchased this airplane. He would stumble, slur and ramble, and struggle to breathe normally during the last weeks of his life. He also fell deep into a pit of addiction when he was given prescription medications back in 1972.

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