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Celine Dion’s Best Impression Of Michael Jackson Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

The world already knows what a talented singer Celine Dion is, but this fun late night talk show game showed that Celine is pretty good at other things too. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, they played “Wheel of Musical Impressions” and Celine was not only up for the challenge, but she excelled at it, no surprise there.

The game involves a randomized assignment of songs and artists, to create some unlikely combinations. Celine and Jimmy had to give their best impressions of the musical artist they were given, such as Celine taking on Cher singing the song “Frere Jacques.” It’s not exactly a Cher song, but Celine put her perfect spin on it and no doubt Cher would be impressed.

Jimmy was given Michael Jackson for the song “One Dance” and even though it was the host’s turn, Celine couldn’t help but share her own hilarious Michael Jackson impression with Jimmy, just for fun.

Watch as Celine has a little fun with Michael’s signature vocalizations, including a “ooh, oooh, oooh,” a little hiccup musicality, and a “yeah, yeah” in the MJ style. Jimmy joins in and the two channel their inner Michael Jackson, as Celine sings, “Jimmy are you okay” a la “Smooth Criminal” and then the host launches into his “One Dance” challenge.

It doesn’t end there, either, as an extended Michael Jackson-style back and forth goes down between the two. Finally Celine presses the button for her next challenge and she gets “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” in the style of Rihanna.

Celine looks initially concerned with how she will pull off a RiRi impression (no easy task, right?) and decides to stand for this one, before busting into a rendition of the classic song to the tune of Rihanna’s “Work.” She even throws in some unexpected sexy dance moves, which Jimmy has to shut down in case any kids are watching at home.

Next up, Jimmy has to sing the Sesame Street song “C is for Cookie” in the style of Johnny Cash and Celine wants to play along as well initially but lets Jimmy takes this one — and his impersonation blows her away, naturally.

For her final pick, Celine gets “Hush, Little Baby” in the style of Sia, which is definitely a huge challenge, given the singer’s unique vocal style. Celine hopes Jimmy has something she can use as Sia’s signature wig, but the best he can do is a stuffed toy.

Celine takes on the Sia impersonation with ease, and effortlessly nails the high notes because she’s Celine Dion. She even pulls some of her hair over her eyes in the way Sia hides her face when she performs.

Among the many comments that were left on the YouTube video were those who were won over by Celine’s charm and talent. One person remarked: “That Michael Jackson yes no battle was everything and then when she just started dancing like Rihanna…”

Others shared their love of the singer as well, with comments including: “Celine is so fun. High respect for her” and “Beautiful lady! Inside and out. Very gracious too. Not to mention the talent.”

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