Chef Shares Fool-Proof Method To Make Cheap, Tough Cuts Of Meat As Tender As A Filet Mignon : AWM

Chef Shares Fool-Proof Method To Make Cheap, Tough Cuts Of Meat As Tender As A Filet Mignon

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t enjoy a cut of filet mignon. Unless they’re a vegetarian or a vegan, steak enthusiasts love this tender cut because it offers a rich tastes and a satisfying yield with every bite. But filet mignon costs a lot of money. And unless you’re Donald Trump, you’re not going to be eating filet mignon for every meal.

But now, with this tip from a chef extraordinaire, you can make every cut of beef as tender as a filet mignon. And you don’t even need many ingredients to do it. If you’re grumblings about gritting your teeth to grind them through the grisly cut of meat you just got from the discount section of the grocery store, you need to put this dinner time tip to good use. And it isn’t even hard to get started…

Who knew that transforming a cheap cut of beef could be so easy? Now I’ll be tenderizing every cut I buy on bargain. And no one will ever question whether it is really high quality or not. They’ll just bite into its succulent and tender meat and know that it is good.

You can use this chef-approved meat tenderizing tip to fool your family. Or you could just utilize it to get better tasting and more tender cuts of meat out of your budget-friendly butcher.

Your main tool to do this is an acidic marinade. This may sound scary and disgusting, but it churns out delicious meat cuts like nothing. By acidic marinade, you need to use vinegar, lemon juice, lime juice or even buttermilk to soften up the meat.

Simply pour your acidic ingredient onto your cut and completely cover it. Let it soak in a bowl or pan for a few minutes.

TIP: Your tough meat cut doesn’t need to be submerged in the acidic marinade for it to do its job and tenderize the meat.

Next sprinkle salt and other seasoning on your cut. Flip it over and season the other side as well. After it is seasoned and soaked, let your tough cut sit for at least 30 minutes. And after that it is ready to cook and will come out more tender than you would imagine.

In the video below, you’ll hear from Edward Gallagher describe his overnight vinegar marinade.

The video description says: “Overnight vinegar marinade won’t just tenderize sirloin, but it will also infuse it with a flavor that is to die for. Make an overnight vinegar marinade to tenderize chicken with help from a cuisine professional in this free video clip.”

Viewers agreed.

“Thank you so much! Great marinade!”

“I regularly marinade an incredibly tough cut of meat and find the generic walmart apple cider vinegar in the 2 gallon jug is no different from expensive fancy looking/sounding stuff, a professional chef recently advised to add some pineapple juice, i do like your ideas, especially garlic, the teriyaki for my taste seems overpowering, but tasty, thank you for ideas”

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