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Children’s Hospital Lets Kids Ride Toy Cars Into Surgery To Ease Their Fears

When it comes to offering the best possible care for sick kids, one children’s hospital has a new idea. They are making it possible for sick children to ride toy trains and cars into their surgery rooms as a way to make the scary procedures, well, less scary. Being able to play is a proven way for children to help deal with their fears and to learn how to manage them.

The hospital is that making this amazing improvement in the way they do their car for children is the Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children. They are doing their best to help their bravest patients be even braver when it is time for them to go to surgery or to visit the doctor. The decision to use toy cars and trains to ferry the children into these operating rooms was applauded by child psychology experts. The decision to do that puts children at ease and in a good place to deal with the health troubles. Because of the way they’re treating the children, they’re doing their best to transform child care for their bravest patients and make their stays better while they’re in the hospital.

“There are some kids that are excited to be here. There are some kids that are really, really scared and don’t even want to come in the door, stand on the scale, put on a bracelet,” said Michelle Barksdale, a child-life specialist.

Because kids can be more vulnerable than adults, they need to be handled with care. Michelle recognizes this, and that’s one of the reasons she is pushing to make things in the hospital more fun for the younger demographic.

“We have all developmental ages and ranges of emotions,” she said.

Because the hospital wants to make being in the facility as easy as possible for their young guests, they have worked to make the waiting room more fun. That has been shown to be a very stressful place for little children. Because the hospital’s waiting room is more like a game room, they are happy to invite children in and give them an amazing experience.

Pediatric nurse Haley Franks, who works in the emergency room. She said: “So, this is kind of one of those things that keep their mind off everything before they have to go back.”

Franks added, “Especially if they have any kind of procedures or anything, they are able to kind of play out here in the lobby and have some fun while they’re waiting.”

Waiting is stressful for people of all ages. But for children, it can be torture – especially if they are about to go under the knife.

Another way the hospital is improving care for young children is by wheeling kid around in toys rather than hospital beds. This makes it a lot more fun to be transported from room to room because it allows the child to use his or her imagination. The children even get their own license so they can drive the toy car.

“It makes it easier on that transition for the parents as well as the child. Because they know the child is not scared, they’re not crying, they’re not leaving them in a fearful state.”

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