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Christian Singer Delivers A Spine-Tingling Acappella Version Of “His Name Is Jesus”

A cappella groups seem to be having a lot of success in recent years. Pentatonix has become a massively popular group that has gotten two Christmas specials on NBC. Another great group of five musicians who use only their voices to produce sounds is Mo5aic. This band is based out of Las Vegas and continues to astound audiences with their amazing talent and ability to mimic the sound of instruments including the electric guitar, trombone and drum set.

But Chris Rupp has just got the world’s attention with his recent release of the Christian song “His Name Is Jesus.” The tune will transport you to a beautiful place as you float around in the amazing sounds of Rupp’s immaculate voice.

Pam Schultze composed the song, and Marissa Starkey accompanies the performance with her special dance routine. From the moment you press play until the moment the song finishes and you can to click repeat, you’ll savor the lyrics as they touch your heart and soul.

And to help you understand the Christian message even more thoroughly, the lyrics are posted on the screen for all to see. There’s no denying that this song is meant for those who have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. But it has such a powerful sound that it does not alienate even those who are still seeking religion or are not religious themselves. Few songs can touch so many people like this one. And Chris Rupp delivers an awesome performance on it.

The video was published just about a week ago, at the time of this writing. And so far, it has been a huge success for Rupp. Already a popular vocalist, there is little doubt that this song will further the singer’s career even more. Viewers like you have shared their adoring comments in the discussion forum on YouTube. The following are some of the most popular comments.

“Incredible song and video. Would love to see this reach people all over the world. Thank you.”

“Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. Thank you. God is great, hallelujah.”

“Wonderful! Chris, thank you for sharing God’s love w/ the world. Keep going – you are making a huge impact – believe it.”

“That was so beautiful!  Great song and the dancing was outstanding!   Very nice performance!!!”

Although the consensus was that the song was beautiful, some viewers took offense to how the young woman was dancing before the altar.

“This is beautiful!  Your voice is so strong and uplifting.  I wasn’t really thrilled with the girl dancing before the altar, though.”

“Beautiful song! I loved everything about the vocals. However, I was uncomfortable watching the girl dance in front of the altar. I couldn’t silence the nagging feeling that it was disrespectful – she’s dancing directly in front of the Tabernacle. Maybe dancing somewhere else in the church would’ve been more appropriate? Otherwise, great video and amazing dancing!”

Watch the video below to see the amazing performance? What do you think about Chris Rupp’s a cappella rendition of this Christian song?