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Christmas Puzzle Is Leaving People All Over Stumped, Can You Spot The Red Robin?

When you were a kid, and maybe now with your own kids, you likely checked out “Where’s Waldo” and searched through pages of books to find the little guy. There were certainly some challenging scenes, but for the most part, you could find Waldo within a few seconds, turn the page and move onto the next scene. Waldo is still popular, but there is a new puzzle out that uses the same concept, but people are finding it a lot harder to find the target.

In this new puzzle, there is a wealth of Christmas trees and a red robin that you are tasked with finding. The trees, of course in true Christmas spirit, have red decorations on them, so this makes it even more challenging to find the bird that is hiding among them. This challenge has people buying cheap reading glasses so that they can make sure that they can see every detail, according to one social media commenter.

This puzzle was created by Bloom & Wild, a florist company. They wanted to make a brainteaser that had a Christmas theme for people to enjoy. Once they got it ready, they put it online and it did not take long for social media to start sharing it to challenge friends and family to find the red bird among the trees.

The people who created this cool puzzle say that the average time it takes for someone to find the Robin is two minutes and 26 seconds. This is much longer than it took people to find Waldo back in the day.

Robins are a common figure on Christmas cards and decorations in the United States. If you head to the greeting card aisle at any store, you will surely find a card that features a red robin as the prominent figure. It is often either with a snowy background that really makes the brilliant red color show, or it might be with a Christmas tree. This is what spurred the company to choose this bird to be the focal point of the puzzle that they made.

As you search through the trees for the robin, you have to almost block out the other red elements in order to see it. Focus on the green of the trees because the robin is almost seemingly perched about midway into a tree. Once you find a way to almost ignore the other red elements, the bird will pretty much pop off of the page and be easy to see. This is a puzzle that you can share with your coworkers and see who can spot the robin first. Bring it home and see if your kids can do it any faster than you for a fun family activity.

This is definitely a very interesting and tricky puzzle. Take a look for yourself and see how long it takes you to spot the robin.

If you gave up scroll down to see the answer.

Are you going to share this fun Christmas puzzle with your friends and family for a little competition this holiday season?