Colin Kaepernick Thought The Worst Was Over For Him, But The News Just Got Even Worse : AWM

Colin Kaepernick Thought The Worst Was Over For Him, But The News Just Got Even Worse

Pro football player Colin Kaepernick has dug a hole for himself. In a sport that is surrounded by American culture and loved by USA loving citizens, Kaepernick decided to voice his political opinions by sitting down during the playing of the national anthem. And it didn’t stop there, the ex-San Francisco 49ers Quarterback was also seen wearing socks that depicted cops as “pigs,” during a game, where millions of viewers could see his hurtful expression. And on top of these two poor choices, he also was seen on liveĀ television wearing a pro-Fidel Castro, MalcolmĀ X shirt that read “Like Minds Think Alike.” And let’s not forget how he attacked President Trump tweeting about how America has never been great for people of color, so let’s make it great for the first time.


He’s not really sending out a positive message to fans that are supporters of the country they live in. There is a time and a place to voice one’s political thoughts, and it may have been in Kaepernick’s best interest to keep his voice silent. Instead, he spoke loudly and has risked his career and humiliated himself along the way.

The quarterback is now trying to mend his burnt bridges and find a way back into the NFL.

So far it doesn’t look good. After the Baltimore Ravens pondered taking on Kaepernick, they decided it best to stay away from someone who has the potential to scare away fans, after all, the NFL is just like any other business…driven by money and fans bring the money in.

It didn’t help that Kaepernick’s girlfriend tweeted a photo comparing the Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti to a slave holder played by Leonardo DiCaprio in “Django Unchained.”

The Miami Dolphins were on the hunt for a quarterback but went to great lengths to avoid hiring Kaepernick, and instead, they pulled Chicago Bears QB, Jay Cutler, out of retirement for a one-year $10 million deal. On top of that contract money, Cutler will also get $3 million in incentives.

Other teams have thought about taking Kaepernick on, but they quickly changed their minds and decided that Kaepernick’s drama outweighs his talent.


Football fans don’t want to invest their time and money rooting for a team that has a player whose political beliefs go against their own beliefs, so Kaepernick may be out of luck. They just want to sit back, relax and watch the game.

Commenters voiced their opinions about the downfall of Colin Kaepernick…

“A different sport, a different skin color and a bit before his time, but Kaepernick should have studied what happened to John Rocker when he opened up his pie hold. Or, you know, the Dixie Chicks. They too got stuck on stupid by betraying the trust of those that ultimately pay their salaries, the fans.”

And while some have fought that Kaepernick had the right to exercise his freedom of speech, one other commenter made a great point…

“It seems like many think “Freedom of speech” means freedom from the consequences of that speech also!”

“650,000 white men died to free the slaves. How many other men and women have died to protect our freedom that is represented by the flag? Protest, yes, it is your right, but find another way to make your opinions known. I have seen a 12 min. film on how one man after another died holding up the flag while the British bombed the flag all night long.”