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College Student Spends $600 On This Meal, And The Photos Of It Are Making People Furious

Spending a little extra on dining out is sometimes the perfect way to treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion. Of course, it’s best to not over-splurge, especially if the budget doesn’t allow it, but one hard-working college student saved her money for what she believed would be the ultimate foodie experience: a $600 tasting course menu at one of the country’s finest restaurants.

If the thought of spending $600 isn’t for you, you’re not alone. For the curious, however, the student took to Imgur to share the play by play of each course, complete with photos and a review of everything she tasted.

Imgur user Hoptail came under fire for the spendy meal, however, but addressed the criticism perfectly, writing: “A lot of people reckon I’m full of crap and can’t afford something like this as a student. Sit down, I’m about to blow your mind… I saved up, yo.”

She continued: “I only eat out like this a few times a year, if that, and I’m very intentional about setting aside part of my pay so that I can do stuff like this later. Some people save up for game consoles or nice clothes. I eat out.”

Okay, fair enough.

If spending that kind of cash on a dinner isn’t for you, no worries, as Hoptail gave full details about what you get for $600 at the 3 Michelin star Saison in San Francisco.

One of the biggest criticisms was portion sizes, which appeared to be tiny, but Hoptail noted: “The portions are bigger than you think, I was swollen up with a foodbaby that looked like I herniated something, there were way more courses than I comfortably could handle and I undertook a self-imposed food fatwa for like 24 hours after I was so full. And I am a big eater.”

Courses for the evening included an appetizer consisting of “baby spinach, roasted kelp cooked in clarified butter (compliments of their jersey cow Bella) and topped with proprietary caviar — some specific type that you can only have there.”

The next course was seafood, as Hoptail explained: “Turbot fish — 2 ways. Sashimi was amazing. I don’t want to sound like an idiot using stupid gastronomic buzzwords, but the “mouthfeel” (nerrrrr) was like the most tender, buttery squid you’ve ever had in your life.”

The third course involved geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”) and clam, which Hoptail noted: “If you’ve never heard of them before, Google it. They are freaky looking af. Honestly, it wasn’t that good. Just kind of chewy and the marinade was super overwhelming I couldn’t actually taste the meat.”

She also dined on fresh sea urchin, a radish dish, roasted pumpkin topped with octopus flakes, a pumpkin puree, stuffed antelope with biscuits and honey butter, and antelope bone broth.

The dessert course involved smoked ice cream with “life-changing salted caramel” and candied toppings, an orange buttermilk creamsicle, and blueberry sorbet on top of brandy macerated blueberries.

She also indulged in the restaurant’s version of a Snickers bar, which she described as “some sort of dark chocolate and nut brownie base, salted caramel centre, chocolate ganache and topped with 24K.”

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