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Cops See Family In The Woods. Take One Look At The Kids And Know The Mom’s Dark Secret

Some communities view police officers as heroes, keeping them and their families safe while stopping crime in every way possible. Others see police officers as the enemy, as someone who is going to do nothing but cause harm in their lives. Disputes between police and citizens are nothing new, so it’s important to look for the positive stories as well.

Two sheriff’s deputies were recently on patrol in Sacramento, California when they received a call from a local Wal-Mart. Apparently there were suspicious trespassers in the nearby woods and Johnny Le and Tim Yee were tasked with identifying and getting rid of them.

It didn’t take the two officers long to find out exactly why these trespassers were spending the day in the woods behind a Wal-Mart. It could have been vagrants abusing drugs, or a homeless group taking a nap.

What they saw there took their breath away and caused their hearts to swell instantly. A mother and three children were sitting there trying to eat lunch, and once the officers appeared the mother got very scared.

“We only see the negative side of police officers,” Shannon Loveless told ABC13. “To see this side of them is really awesome.”

Loveless and her three children had been living out of her van for the past three months. They were trying to enjoy some lunch outside and could only find the area behind Wal-Mart to eat undisturbed. The officers could have brought her in or even worse, but instead they decided to do what police are supposed to do: keep citizens safe.

They put her up in a motel until social services can sort out her situation. They were concerned about the three children and knew that they couldn’t just leave her there to continue living in squalor. The kids deserve a better life than that.

Yee and Le went above and beyond the call of duty, purchasing small toys for the kids to enjoy and paying for their motel. Hopefully soon these three kids and their mother will be in a better situation, all thanks to these two kind officers. They also purchased groceries for the family, ensuring that those tiny bellies will be filled – until social services can set them up with a better situation.

“I kinda choked up a little bit, just to see the kids hungry… and dirty, it touched me,” said Le.

All too often, we hear stories of death and sadness on the news but it’s high time that amazing people like these two officers are celebrated more often. Obsessing over serial killers, terrorists and murderers is going to do nothing but incite fear and accomplish exactly what these sick, deranged individuals want.

“That’s a softer side of us. They see this, they see the flashing lights… they look at us as bad, ‘Let’s go somewhere else,'” said Yee. “We’re there to help them and their situation.”

The Loveless family will now be seeking out benefits from the state to help keep food on the table and a roof over their head while Shannon tries to get back on her feet. While we often hear stories of people on welfare abusing the system, it’s important to also remember the thousands and thousands of hard-working Americans who didn’t catch a break and found themselves in need. These programs save lives, every single day and if you can’t support that, then you probably aren’t a very good person.

What do you think about these inspiring officers and their selfless actions to help this struggling single mother and children?